Tips for travellers


Sunburn and sunstroke can cause serious headaches, chills, nausea and vomiting as well as an increase to your risk of skin cancer. Don't spend too much time in the sun especially between 11am and 3pm and always use the appropriate strength sun blocks for your skin type and keep re-applying them.

Drinking water

In some countries some local water supplies are not suitable for drinking. Use bottled water at all times (even to clean your teeth) or drink branded cans. Avoid ice in your drinks.

Eating abroad

Outside Europe, North America and Australasia never assume food is safe unless you know it has been thoroughly and freshly cooked. Avoid salads, uncooked food and unpeeled fruit.

Safe sex

You are at risk of catching a Sexually Transmitted Infection, including HIV. Avoid the risk and always use a condom. Always look for the kite mark or European CE mark to ensure quality.


Insect bites can transmit disease. Ask your pharmacist for a DEET based insect repellent and use a mosquito net when sleeping in unscreened accommodation.

First aid kits

A small first aid kit containing items such as paracetamol tablets, Antidiarrhoea tablets, fabric plasters, sterilising tablets for water and a sterile pack is always useful.

Prescription Medicines

Check you have enough prescription medicines to take with you. You will also need to find out if there are any restrictions on taking your medicines in and out of the UK or the country you are visiting.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is essential. Even if you are going to a country that has a healthcare agreement with the UK, you may still need to pay for medical treatment.