UKCRC / Research Networks

United Kingdom Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC)


The Link opens in new windowUKCRC is a partnership of organisations working to establish the UK as a world leader in clinical research by harnessing the power of the NHS.

It consisits of representatives of the main organisations involved in directing, funding, supporting, regulating and participating in clinical research. All four UK Health Departments, various medical charitites and industry are members.

The aim of the UKCRC is to oversee the effective and efficient translation of scientific advances into patient care. The UKCRC therefore promotes:

  • the development of a clinical infrastructure embedded in the NHS (see UKCRN)
  • an expansion of UK clinical research including clinical trials
  • an extensive and sustained increase in the research workforce
  • the development and spread of best practice in relation to statutory regulations

United Kingdom Clinical Research Network (UKCRN)


The UKCRN has been established to provide UK-wide clinical research infrastructure to support the conduct and delivery of a range of high quality studies across a range of disease and clinical needs.

The CSO met with the clinical and research communities in each disease area to identify in which networks Scotland could make a major contribution. To date, the CSO has provided funded for five networks in Scotland (Dementia, Diabetes, Medicines for Children, Mental Health and Stroke), to complement the Primary Care and Cancer Networks which already existed. For these networks, Scotland as a whole is viewed as one 'spoke' of each network. Generic support has been allocated to the NHS to allow participation in research in areas outwith these specific topics.

All research ongoing in the networks and other eligibly funded research in Scotland will be registered on the UKCRN Portfolio Database.


Scottish Networks


Clinical Lead - Dr Marianne Nicolson


Led by Dr Peter Connolly and Dr John Starr
Grampian contact - Dr Donald Mowat


Led by Dr John Petrie, University of Dundee
Grampian contact - Dr Donald Pearson

Medicines for Children

Led by Professor Peter Helms, University of Aberdeen


Mental Health

Led by Professor Michael Sharpe, University of Edinburgh

Primary Care

Led by Professor Frank Sullivan
Grampian and Highland contact - Amanda Cardy


Led by Professor Peter Langhorne, University of Glasgow
Grampian contact Dr Mary Joan MacLeod


Generic support has also been allocated to NHS Scotland to allow participation in research in areas outside these specific topics.