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Patients' rights and standards of care

Patients' rights and responsibilities

The Mental Health Services in Grampian will ensure that patients` rights and responsibilities are at the centre of our services.

We will :
  • provide treatment which is safe and effective, based on the best available evidence
  • communicate clearly and sensitively with patients, their families and carers
  • listen to the views and concerns of patients
  • treat patients with dignity and respect
  • understand the wants and needs of patients in order to improve the quality of services
  • inform and involve patients in all decisions about their care and treatment and work with individuals, communities and groups to identify their needs
  • work jointly with other services in the public, private and voluntary sectors
  • provide information about services and treatment
  • respect patients? rights to privacy, dignity and confidentiality
It is the responsibility of the patient to:
  • Turn up to appointments on time. Give as much notice as you can if you cannot attend. This may allow us to re-use your appointment time for another patient.
  • Follow agreed treatments and therapies to get the full benefit from your care.
  • Inform your doctor or nurse of any problem that may trouble you or could affect your well-being.
  • Let ward staff known if you have any needs relating to a physical disability or difficulty in accessing a service.
  • Treat staff and other patients with dignity and respect.

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Service user and carer input

In Grampian, we have guidelines to ensure that service users and carers are closely involved in their personal care and the planning of services generally. There are a number of local and national groups who helping and encourage patient and carer involvement. A booklet giving contact details is available in your ward, upon request.

National standards of care

Your care should be delivered to national standards. These are called Clinical Standards. The person responsible for your care will be able to tell you how you can find out more about these clinical standards. You can find out more yourself by contacting Link opens in new windowNHS Quality Improvement Scotland, who monitor these standards.

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland was set up to safeguard the welfare of people with mental illness. More information on the work of the Commission is available in your ward. The Commission can be contacted at:-

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland
Floor K
Argyle House
3 Lady Lawson Street
Tel No: 0131 222 6111

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