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Applying for Ethical Approval

Also in North of Scotland Research Ethics Service:

Should I apply for ethics committee review?

An Ethics Committee should approve all research, which involves any of the following, -

  1. Patients and users of the NHS.  This includes all potential research participants recruited by virtue of the patient or user's past or present treatment by, or use of, the NHS.  It includes NHS patients treated under contracts with private sector institutions.
  2. Individuals identified as potential research participants because of their status as relatives or carers of patients and users of the NHS, as defined above.  
  3. Access to data, organs or other bodily material of past and present NHS patients.
  4. Fetal material and IVF involving NHS patients.
  5. The recently dead in NHS premises.
  6. The use of, or potential access to, NHS premises or facilities.
  7. NHS staff - recruited as research participants by virtue of their professional role.

How do I apply?

Please use the new online standard NHS Research Ethics Committee Application Form

The form is available from the National Research Ethics Service (NRES) web site (www.nres.npsa.nhs.uk).  Please download and use the electronic application form.  There are clear instructions on the web site for how to do this.

If you have any problems downloading the form, you can contact NRES by email. Alternatively you can call NRES between 09:30 and 16:30 on 01636 610060.

For a LOCAL submission you now only need to submit ONE COPY of the following documents to the LREC Administrator.

  1. 1 copy of the new form only as a signed hard copy
  2. Research protocol
  3. Patient Information Sheet 
  4. Consent Form  
  5. Peer Review
  6. Investigator CV

Please also submit one copy of the following if applicable:

  1. GP/consultant letter 
  2. Invitation letter/advertisement 
  3. Questionnaire, Interview schedule, etc
  4. Sample diary card/patient card/case report form
  5. A summary CV for the Supervisor (for Student Projects)
  6. Investigator's brochure or summary of product characteristics data sheet for all drugs

For any further information regarding your submission, meeting dates etc. by contacting the administrator on nosres@nhs.net