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Health and Social Care Integration

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A section has been set up on the Aberdeenshire Council website, which provides information and updates about integration in their region.

The way adult health and social care services are delivered in Aberdeenshire has changed.  These services will be provided by Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership.

The Partnership in Aberdeenshire is overseen by a joint board of Aberdeenshire Council and NHS Grampian and will have a budget of around £270m for this financial year.

The aim of integration is to provide a seamless response to everyone who uses the service and to build on the great work which is currently carried out across Aberdeenshire.

It will also strengthen the partnership with local communities and third sector to support the people in Aberdeenshire to be happier, healthier and to live independently for as long as possible.

The new partnership is jointly accountable to the NHS Grampian Board and to Aberdeenshire Council. The partnership's Chief Officer - Adam Coldwells - will report to both Chief Executives.

As the Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership develops doctors, hospitals, health workers, social work staff, carers and partners from the voluntary sector will work side-by-side at a local level to put the person's needs at the heart of the decision making.

There will be 20 local teams across Aberdeenshire who will be able to take a more co-ordinated approach to the way services are delivered.

Working as a single local team, much of the assessment of need will be carried out by a single person, avoiding a number of people from different organisations and profession visiting to make their own assessment.

One of the first decisions taken by the new Partnership was to introduce Virtual Community Wards to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions. The Partnership has also agreed to roll out Dementia Friendly Communities and the Enablement service across Aberdeenshire following successful pilots.

Aberdeenshire Integration Scheme (pdf)

Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership together with the Rural Area Partnerships hosted a series of community events throughout March 2015 to engage with local people on the future direction of health and social care services in Aberdeenshire.  A report on these events is available (pdf).

Community care policies and strategies (external link)

Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan (pdf) describes how NHS Grampian and Aberdeenshire Council will work together to improve the health of local people and to provide the right services or people who are ill or who rely on social care. 

A series of public events were held during September 2015 to consult on the strategic plan when it was in draft.  The following video is of the event which took place at Ellon Academy Community Campus:


Aberdeenshire Dementia Strategy 2015-2018
The Aberdeenshire Dementia Strategy aims to provide a co-ordinated vision and action plan to support local implementation of the National Dementia Strategy and to deliver the best possible care for people with dementia, their carers and families in Aberdeenshire.

Annual Report 2016-2017
The report, which is available online, celebrates a number of achievements.

Among them, progress that has been made to reduce the number of people who are delayed in hospital. Through a commitment to increasing care at home, falls prevention and a rehabilitation approach, progress has been made in getting people discharged from hospital earlier and avoid readmission.

Another achievement praised in the report is the implementation of the Virtual Community Wards (VCW). This means that vulnerable people can be monitored regularly and an appropriate level of treatment and care provided to avoid hospital admission. More than 600 people have been supported at home this year by the VCW, when previously they would have been admitted to hospital.

Participatory budgeting has also been introduced across Aberdeenshire and celebrated in the report. This innovative approach brings communities together to decide the priorities in terms of new developments or projects and gives people a real sense of being involved in how money is spent in their area.

The report goes on to show an increase in the number of unpaid carers getting support from Quarriers, a charity established to support young people and adults in caring roles.


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