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Getting to ARI

FYW Zones

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary has been divided into five coloured zones - Green, Pink, Yellow, Purple and Orange - with colour coded signage used throughout.

Locating wards, clinics and other services

This guide (pdf) provides details of the various wards, clinics and other services that are based in ARI, including the floor level they are on. The guide also includes a map of ARI.

The coloured zone information is being used on patient letters, site maps and information leaflets. Patient letters will provide details of where wards and clinics can be found, along with the best entrance to use to reach the ward or clinic.

Wards 101-114 are located in the Green Zone (nearest access is the Rotunda Entrance on Level 2).

Wards 201-217 are located in the Pink Zone (nearest access is the Main Entrance on Level 2), then downstairs to Level 1 or lift access from Level 2. 

Wards 301-315 are located in the Orange Zone (nearest access is either the Rotunda Entrance on Level 2 or the East End Entrance on Level 1). 

Wards 401-408 are located in the Purple Zone (nearest access is the Rotunda Entrance on Level 2). 

Wards 501-507 are located in the Yellow Zone (nearest access is the Main Entrance on Level 2).

The Peter Brunt Centre and Clinics D & E are situated in the Purple Zone and can be reached close to the Rotunda Entrance.

Finding your way to the clinic or ward

When arriving at one of the main entrances, there will be a sign indicating the colour zone you are about to enter. There will also be a A-Z Directory displayed. Please follow the signs from the entrance to the colour zone and floor number where the ward or clinic you are looking for is based.

Ward Changes

As part of this project, there have been changes to some ward names and numbers. These are covered for each zone as follows:

Service moves outwith main hospital building

  • Rheumatology Day Case Unit - Ashgrove House
  • Rheumatology Department - Ashgrove House
  • Biologics - Ashgrove House