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February 7, 2012

Aberdeen City Community Health Partnership meeting

The next meeting of the Aberdeen City Community Health Partnership committee will be on Wednesday, 8 February at 10 a.m., in the Council Chamber, the Town House, Broad Street, Aberdeen.   
1.  Welcome and Apologies
2.  Declarations of Interest
3.  Minute of Previous Meeting 22nd September 2011
4.  Note of CHP Annual Workshop Event of 16th November 2011
5.  Committee Business Statement
6.  Integrated Resource Framework - Presentation Public Document Pack
7.  Proposed Changes to the Maternity Service in Grampian - Consultation - Presentation
8.  Proposed Membership of CHP Executive Group
9.  Change Fund
9a Briefing 2011/12
9b Submission 2012/13 (Final Draft)
10. Health & Social Care Integration
11 Audit Scotland Review of CHPs - Feedback - Verbal Update
12 Single Outcome Agreement 
13 Public Health Forum − Minutes of 7th September and 2nd November 2011
The meeting, chaired by Councillor Bill Howatson, will be open to members of the public and the media.
The agenda papers are available via the Aberdeen City CHP website −
www.aberdeencitychp.org.uk − and a limited number of hard copies of the agenda will be available at the meeting.