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Maternity Services Review:
What does the review cover?

What does the review cover?

The review is made up of three main parts:

1. NHS Grampian Maternity Strategy

The NHS Grampian Board approved the NHS Grampian Maternity Strategy 2010-2015 at its meeting on 7 December 2010.
The vision of the strategy is one where all maternity related services and communities work closely together to support women and families give their children the best possible start in life. Link opens in new windowA copy of the strategy is available.
The final strategy was agreed after a 6 week consultation period. An excellent response was received during the consultation with the views expressed having a real influence on the final document. A summary of the consultation process and results Link opens in new window is available.
Based on some of the feedback received during the consultation, Link opens in new windowa summary version of the strategy has been produced and is now available (pdf).

2. Option Appraisal

Option Appraisal is a process that is often used when considering possible new ways of providing services. The maternity service Option Appraisal involved clinicians (doctors and midwives), managers and public representatives meeting to come up with different options for how services could be set up i.e. what they should provide, who will provide them and where they should be located.  Further information is available at this link.

3. Service Improvement Activities 

Following a service improvement event held in August 2010, a number of areas in the maternity service were identified with the aim of improving safety, efficiency and the experiences of women and families. Further information is available at this link.

Involving Staff and the Public

NHS Grampian is committed to involving staff and the public when considering making changes to services. Involvement activity in the review so far has helped us achieve all of the above and we will continue to inform, engage and consult people throughout the review.

How can I find out more about the review?

Email nhsg.involve@nhs.net to be added to the distribution list for review updates.