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Maternity Services Review:
Background to the Review


NHS Grampian is reviewing its maternity services to support front line staff to continue to improve the services they provide to women and families. Our staff can and do improve many things locally, but some bigger improvements need co-operation from other services or support and approval from the wider organisation to happen.

Why is the review being carried out?

We get many compliments about the high quality of our services and have made improvements which we are proud of. But maternity services in Grampian face a number of challenges, including:
  • more babies being born each year, especially in Dr Gray's Hospital, Elgin and Aberdeen's Maternity Hospital
  • women have an increasing range of healthcare and social needs to support
  • the way services are managed across Grampian leads to different experiences in the services received by women and families
  • providing safe services as close to home as possible in both rural/remote and urban areas
  • using resources (staff, buildings & equipment) effectively, efficiently and fairly.

What do we want to achieve?

The review aims to help all our maternity services rise to these challenges and deliver the best possible care consistently, both now and in the future. That means we want care that continues to be safer, more effective and sustainable but we want far more than that. Care should be closer to home whenever possible, and should support families to enjoy a natural pregnancy and birth in pleasant surroundings, free from medical intervention whenever possible, but with high quality specialist support when needed.
Ultimately we want to support families to give their babies the best possible start, providing a firm foundation for a long and healthy life.

What services does the review include?

The review includes all maternity services in Grampian that provide care to women and families planning a pregnancy; during pregnancy, labour and birth and for the first weeks after giving birth.
This includes services at:
  • Aberdeen Maternity Hospital
  • Dr Gray's Hospital, Elgin
  • Birth Units in Aboyne, Banff and Fraserburgh and Midwife Led Unit at Peterhead
  • All community midwifery services and homebirth services.

Who is leading the review?

A Leadership Group has been established to oversee the review process. A Core Group, acting on behalf of the Leadership Group, meets more frequently to plan the review and involves:  
  • Elinor Smith (Nurse Director)
  • Fiona Francey (Divisional General Manager)
  • Jenny McNicol (Head of Midwifery)
  • Peter Danielian (Consultant Obstetrician)
  • Tracy Humphrey (Consultant Midwife)
  • Jane Raitt (Aberdeenshire Midwifery Manager)
  • Lorna Campbell (Moray Midwifery Manager)
  • Irene Gilbert (Midwifery Manager, Aberdeen Maternity Hospital)
  • Laura Dodds (Public Involvement Manager)

How is the review being carried out?

Like other projects being undertaken by NHS Grampian, the maternity review is following the lean methodology to promote Continuous Service Improvement. This methodology has a range of techniques and tools which can be used.