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Current Projects & Events

Details about the current projects that the Public Involvement Team is involved in, are summarised in the Link opens in new windowPublic Consultations & Involvement Quarterly Template (pdf)

Current Projects:

Inverurie was identified as one of the Pathfinder projects as part of the development of the NHS Grampian Health and Care Framework to identify the health and care needs of the people in the Inverurie area.
Forres was one of the Pathfinder projects as part of the development of the NHS Grampian Health and Care Framework. Work began in 2010, and since then a number of key working groups have been established to take forward work in the Forres area.
Building work for the new Health and Care Centre in Forres is underway and the centre will open in Summer 2014.
Unscheduled care is sometimes referred to as unplanned, urgent care or emergency care. Unscheduled care is care which cannot reasonably be foreseen or planned in advance. This can occur at any time, and services must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unscheduled care by definition is urgent with the need to take action at the time of contact with services. Unscheduled care is a key priority in NHS Grampian. NHS Grampian is committed to delivering excellence by organising its resources around the person's needs which results in delivering person-centred care at the right time, at the right place and by the right professional/team.

A review of maternity services started in 2010 to ensure the service delivers the best possible care now and into the future. Women, clinicians, managers and community groups have been involved throughout the process.

Reshaping Care for Older People

To address how we care for a changing population we need to look at the way we deliver services, including how we deliver services for older people. The national agenda is called Reshaping Care for Older People and work is ongoing to deliver this locally. More information about this national agenda can be found at the Scottish Government Website.