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Living Longer, Living Better: Older Peoples Strategy

In the last year Moray Council has been working closely with NHS Grampian as part of the Moray Community Health and Social Care Partnership to develop an Older Peoples Strategy 'Living Longer, Living Better'.  The launch of this strategy will progress the development and redesign of older peoples services across Moray in response to our increasing ageing population, health trends, changing public expectations and workforce availability.

The five year plan was developed after consultation with older people, their carers and professionals and is a shared vision across Health, Social and Housing services.  Our vision is that by adopting a partnership approach that promotes the quality of life of older people we will ensure that services in the community are responsive to the needs of older people by the provision of high quality services and support which will enable older people to live as independently as possible in a suitable and safe environment with choice and control over their future needs.

The plan lays out the foundations for shaping the future services for older people.  It focuses on a healthy and active life for those over 65 years of age with the provision of opportunities to maintain their physical, psychological and social health and wellbeing with access to recreational activities and healthy living advice and support to manage long term conditions such as dementia and heart disease.  It also includes development of a screening programme for older people and an integrated falls and bone health services in Moray.

Improving community based services to support the shift from reactive hospital based care to community based preventive and rehabilitative models is also being developed.  This includes a robust 24/7 community support and rehabilitation service.  New approaches to care across health and social services will focus on rehabilitation and enablement and the identification of vulnerable older people at risk, a case management approach to these clients with the development of anticipatory care plans which will ensure the planning ahead and pre-empting of any crisis before it occurs - thus limiting the need to move to a care home until absolutely necessary.
Extending personal choice to ensure that older people get the care that is right for them will be offered with a personal approach as opportunities develop for older people to direct their own support through direct payments.

As older people move through the health and social care system, we must ensure a seamless pathway throughout which meets the standard of care for older people and enables them to return to maximum independence as close to home as possible.  Moray Council are involved in reviewing the medical pathway for older people, development of an acute medical receiving unit and meeting Quality Improvement Scotland standards of care for older people in acute services.

The implementation of this joint strategy will require integration and partnership working using a whole systems approach putting older people at the centre of service delivery and planning.  An integrated workforce development plan will progress a flexible, well trained workforce across Social and Health Care which have the skills that meet the needs of older people.  Client focus and public involvement mechanisms are already in place in Moray this will be strengthened by establishing an older people's forum to oversee the implementation.
Any comments, queries etc regarding the strategy should be directed to Sandra Gracie, Project Officer Older Peoples Strategy, on tel: 01343 567184 or e-mail: sandra.gracie@nhs.net
If any older person/carer would like to become involved in developing, improving and reviewing services during the implementation of the strategy please contact Ann Griffin, Public Involvement Officer, on tel: 01343 567140 or e-mail: ann.griffin@moray.gov.uk.