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Redesigning Health Services for Children with Complex Needs

Also in Health Services for Children with Complex Needs in Aberdeen City:

Services for children with complex needs in Aberdeen City

As of Thursday 14 July 2011, NHS Grampian will no longer be providing services for children with complex needs from the Raeden Centre.  This centre will close and services will delivered by community based multi-disciplinary Child Development Teams.
There are already teams based within Aberdeenshire.  For Aberdeen City there will be the following teams:
  • A team based at Tullos Primary School will serve the south of Aberdeen City.  Their telephone number is: 01224 291870

  • A team will be based at Bucksburn Academy that will cover the north of Aberdeen City).  Their telephone number is: 01224 710775

  • A team will be based at Mile End Primary School that will cover the central area of Aberdeen City.   Their telephone number is: 01224 498139
If you wish to contact these teams, they will be available from tomorrow (14th July) on the above telephone numbers.
Any referrals which would have previously been sent to the Raeden Centre should now be sent to Community Child Health, 3rd Floor, Royal Aberdeen Children?s Hosptial.
More information regarding the composition of the teams and their referral criteria will be available in due course.

March 2011 Update

The Implementation Groups continues to oversee the process of  implementing the redesigned service. This group makes decisions based on pieces of work carried out by the sub-groups which feed into it. Some key developments from each of the subgroups have been outlined below:
  • Workforce Group: This group combines representatives from all the professional groups working within the service to agree a detailed staffing model for each of the teams. Plans for what these will look like should be completed by the end of this month and will then go to implementation group for final approval. HR chair this group and they have also been meeting with staff affected by the redesign to identify and deliver any training requirements these staff may have.

  • Transition and Design Group: This group is currently working towards securing funding to access the two identified permanent locations for the child development teams to be based within. These are Mile End Primary School and Bucksburn Academy. The third team will eventually be located within the new special school planned for the Raeden site. The proposed new school is currently within the pre-planning application stages and the transition and design group is represented within this to have a full input into the health facilities planned for this building.

  • Staff Partnership Group: This group has been ensuring that staff affected by the redesign have an opportunity to have input to the process and are supported throughout.

Aberdeen City Council Design Consultation

There will be an open consultation on the new facility proposed for the Raeden site at Mile End School on 29th March 2011. This will allow members of the public to ask questions or raise concerns about the design. Further information is available on the Aberdeen City Council website and within RACH reception, Woodlands and Hazlewood schools and the Raeden Centre.

Implementation Phase

The group which will oversee the implementation of the redesigned services for children with complex needs met for the first time on 3rd November. The group agreed on a sub-group structure to deliver on various aspects of the redesign. The implementation  group will act as a decision making body and will project manage the process of re-design. The sub-groups will be lead by members of the implementation group. The role of each group is detailed below:

Workforce Group

The workforce sub-group will develop a workforce plan for both city and shire which can be delivered on needs-base i.e. best fit to the present level of need in both areas with some regard to issues of health inequality, and which is deliverable within available resource. This group will also look at supporting existing staff with regards to ensuring training needs are met and HR policies complied with.

Transition and Design Group

This group will ensure that when NHS Grampian vacates the Raeden site clear, robust and practical plans for delivering services in transition have been agreed by both NHS Grampian and Aberdeen City Council and that all aspects of decommissioning the site have been addressed. This group will also ensure an agreement in reached between NHS Grampian and Aberdeen City Council regarding the governance of the Raeden site and the sites where the community teams will be based. This group will also focus on the detailed design of the community bases and hub in terms of what equipment will be provided to each, what IT is required and so on.

Staff Partnership Group

This group will offer staff within the service the opportunity to comment upon the proposals made by the other sub-groups, and to feed this into the overall implementation group. This group will also consult directly with the workforce group regarding the workforce plan.
The original steering group will continue to meet several times a year to will now act as a guardian to the value and benefits identified as key to the service redesign.
The implementation group is still working to the timescale that the Raeden site will be vacated at the end of this school year. As there is no plan to continue with a 0-3 day nursery in the redesigned service it was decided that this will cease to be a service provided when Raeden shuts. As of November no new children have been accepted to the day nursery and alternative plans are being made with health and social work staff for the small number of children who would not have been due to leave the day nursery on or before the end of the school year.

Moving towards Implementation
Formal Consultation Ends

The formal consultation on plans to make changes to health services for children with complex needs ended on 3rd September 2010.

Approximately 150 people (parents, carers, staff and other interested parties) gave their views in writing or in person at meetings held during the consultation period.

The results are available in the Link opens in new windowconsultation report (pdf).

The Steering Group, which has overseen the process, met on 17 September to discuss the results of the consultation and to agree recommendations to make to the NHS Grampian Board.
NHS Grampian Board met on 5 October 2010 to discuss the findings and recommendations which can be found in Link opens in new windowthe Board paper (pdf).

The proposed model that was consulted on was developed by parents, carers, clinicians and service managers and is laid out in detail in the  Link opens in new windowconsultation paper (pdf).

NHS Board Decision

At its meeting in October the Board:
  • Gave assurance that the process undertaken to consult and engage the public was in accordance with good practice.
  • Supported the conclusion that the consultation process broadly supported the implementation of the proposed model.
  • Instructed the implementation of the new model to be taken forward in partnership with staff, parents/carers and its partner agency.
  • Recommended the new model is introduced on the principles of needs based and within available resources. The Board recognised the risks associated with the redesign, particularly the financial risks.
  • Instructed negotiations to start to ensure that the implementation moves forward across both Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Agreed that the learning from this work should be used to consider the most appropriate model for the Moray area.
  • Instructed NHS Grampian to enter into formal negotiations with Aberdeen City Council regarding the use of the Raeden site for this service to ensure best use of public resources.

Next Steps

Implementation Process   
An Implementation Group has been set up to ensure the proposed model is developed in line with the NHS Board recommendations and within the timescales below. The group will project manage all aspects of the implementation phase and will have its first meeting at the beginning of November. The group will include staff, parents and partner agency representatives. 
Aberdeen City Council Plans 
Given the NHS Board decision, the Council will move into its formal consultation phase on the closure of Raeden and the implementation of the proposed new modernised pre-school and family support service during the autumn and early into the new year.
The estimated timescale to vacate the current buildings on the Raeden site is the end of this school year (July 2011). The new specialist facility will take approximately 2 years to build and it is planned that the new school will be open in August 2013.
Transition Period   
NHS Grampian and Aberdeen City Council will work together to manage the time of transition from the current service to the new model. Part of the plans for transition will include the use of an interim facility and it is being proposed that Braeside School will be used as the temporary accommodation for the children with the most complex needs.
A detailed plan for the transition period will be developed and the Implementation Group will have a key role to ensure measures are put in place to support children and families affected during this time. 
The Implementation Group will include representatives from Aberdeenshire to help ensure the proposed model is introduced across Aberdeenshire as well as Aberdeen. As agreed at the NHS Board meeting in October, this will be on the principles of needs based and within available resources.