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Also in Aberdeen City CHP:

    HMIE Inspection 2011


HMIE has announced the next inspection of services to protect children in Aberdeen .  This is the second full inspection for Aberdeen and will start on 14 March 2011 for two weeks.  This is a multi-agency inspection and will principally involve social work, police, education and health services. 


During the first week of the inspection, HMIE will look at case records for children where there have been child protection concerns.  The second week of inspection will be taken up by Inspectors meeting with families to talk to them about their experience of child protection services.  Inspectors will also meet with staff from all the main agencies and with voluntary sector partners to talk to them about how well they work together to make sure that children in Aberdeen are protected and their needs are met.


Services to protect children in Aberdeen were previously inspected in April and May 2008.  Seven main points for action were identified and an action plan drawn up by all the agencies involved.  Work began on addressing the main points for action immediately.  HMIE visited Aberdeen again in 2009 to complete a follow-through inspection to look at how the action plan was progressing.  They reported that progress was being made and would be evaluated during the inspection in 2011.


Colin McKerracher, Chief Constable of Grampian Police and Chair of the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee (NESCPC) said ?The NESCPC value the HMIE Inspection visit to Aberdeen and look forward to working with the Inspection team to drive forward further improvements in child protection services and to highlight the many good practices that are in place across the child protection partnership within the city?.


We will be keeping staff updated about the inspection preparation activities through regular bulletins on the intranet.  If you have any immediate questions about the inspection process, please contact your service representative who is Hilary Young, Service Manager, telephone 01224 550912 or email h.young4@nhs.net


Staff and Public Consultation - Child Protection Services in Aberdeen city 2011

This survey is for Aberdeen City NHS, Council and Police staff. Please ensure that this survey is cascaded.

The Aberdeen City Child Protection Sub-Committee is the multi-agency group responsible for making sure that local agencies work together effectively to ensure that children are protected. Representatives from education, social work, housing, police, health, Children's Reporter and the voluntary sector are members of this group. As part of the work that they do in partnership with the North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee they want to know what you think about how well services work together to do protect children. Services to protect children are being inspected by HMIE in March 2011 and as part of the self-evaluation, the Child Protection Sub-Committee are asking staff to tell them what they think about how good services to protect children are.

The links to this survey have been sent to staff in all the agencies represented on the Aberdeen City Child Protection Sub-Committee and are available on the external websites of the Council, NHS Grampian and the Police.  This survey will be available from 16-28 February 2011.

If you are involved in delivering direct services to children in health or manage these services, please complete the Staff survey available at www.surveymonkey.com/s/Q9V3FNP which has some extra questions about how child protection services are managed. 

If you work in any other part of the health service please complete the Public survey www.surveymonkey.com/s/QTR285S 

If you have any queries about this survey, please contact Hilary Young Service Manager h.young4@nhs.net
If you have child protection concerns about a specific child please contact the Joint Child Protection Unit on 01224 306879 or Grampian Police on 0845 6005700.