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Woodend Hospital - Aberdeen

Visitor Information

This information is designed to help youprepare for a visit to our hospital. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff. All permanent members of staff wear a name badge with their photograph to help you identify them.

Visiting times

Please be aware that sometimesthe person you are visiting may be out of the ward (for example, for therapy, tests etc) and so it may not be possible to see them during visiting times.

These times can be subjectto change and so it is advisable thatyou phone the ward before planning your visit to confirm what the visiting times are, by calling the NHS Grampian switchboard on 0345 456 6000 and asking to be put through to the ward.

Ward Visiting Times
Ortho Rehab Unit Open Visiting
Stroke Unit East Open Visiting
Stroke Unit West Open Visiting
Links@Woodend Open Visiting
Morningfield House Open Visiting
Neuro Rehab Unit Open Visiting
Ward 15 Open Visiting
Ward 16 Open Visiting
Ward 17 Open Visiting
Ward 7 (Mon - Fri) 11am - 8pm
Ward 8 (Mon - Fri) 11am - 8pm
Ward 9 11am - 8pm
(No children under 12.
Strictly 2 to a bed)

11am - 8pm

Ward 10 2pm - 8.30pm

General points about visiting

We would like to emphasise that the visiting periods may not be suitable for all patients, particularly those who may be quite ill and for whom quite short visits may be more appropriate. Such restrictions are for the benefit of patients. We hope that this will be appreciated by visitors when this is raised by staff. Also, individual wards may have special requirements that will have an effect on the times when visiting is permitted.

Remember that although visiting times are quite extensive, it is not intended that visitors remain for the entire visiting period. In most instances this is not in the best interests of patients. Your co-operation will be appreciated by both patients and staff.

If circumstances make it difficult for friends and relatives to visit during these hours, please approach the nurse in charge of the ward.

How to be a good visitor

Telephone calls

We appreciate that you will be anxious to learn of your relatives or friends progress by telephone. However, it would save considerable staff time if calls to the ward telephone were limited to immediate members of the family. If possible, one person only should call on behalf of the family. Please note that due to confidentiality, staff can only give out limited information over the phone.

This does not apply to telephoning patients via Hospedia (formerly Patientline) where this is available.

Unauthorised photography, filming or recording

No one is allowed to make unauthorised photos, video or audio recordings in NHS Grampian buildings and grounds, particularly if they feature other patients, staff, carers, or visitors. This is to respect the privacy and dignity of individuals using our services and also our staff.


Please try to keep noise levels down as noise disturbs people who are unwell.

Controlling infection - how you can help

The most common way germs are spread is by people's hands. Hand hygiene is the single most important thing you (or your visitors) can do to help reduce the spread of infections either by washing your hands or applying the alcohol hand gel provided. In addition:
  • Do not visit patients if you yourself are unwell, especially if you have diarrhoea or vomiting. Stay home and do not visit (or go to work or school) until you have been free of symptoms for 48 hours.
  • Never touch dressings, drips or other equipment around the bed.
  • Do not sit on the bed.
  • Try to avoid bringing in very young children when you visit.
  • Please comply with any special precautions and instructions given by members of staff, and ask advice about anything you want to bring in.
  • Don't be afraid to raise concerns about HAI with staff.

A good visitor also:

  • Always considers other patients and staff as well as his / her friend or relative.
  • Goes and finds a chair to sit on, and returns it after use.
  • Brings sensible gifts (see below).
  • Tries not to bring your children but if this is unavoidable, does not let them run riot.
  • Checks with close relatives which is the best day to visit.
  • Visits during ward visiting times and offers to leave if other visitors arrive.
  • Doesn't burden the patient with their own problems.
  • Respects the patient's confidentiality, and doesn't delve into the charts at the bottom of the bed.
  • Is willing to take home the patient's personal laundry.


When in hospital, relatives and friends often bring in a patient's favourite food from home as a treat. Any food brought in should be branded goods, in sealed packets with a sell by date. It should not require re-heating. Please speak to the nurse in charge before giving a patient food brought from outside the hospital.

Please note that the hospital cannot accept responsibility for foods not prepared by us.

Flowers - please check with the ward

Many wards which provide critical care do not allow flowers. Please check with the ward before buying any flowers.

Gifts etc. - what can I take?




Tobacco products
Large bulky products
Large amounts of food
Food that needs re-heating