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Confidentiality, Health Records and Data Protection

Access your Health Records

NHS Grampian complies fully with the provisions and obligations of the Link opens in new windowData Protection Act 1998 in storing and processing your information. The purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 legislation is to protect people's rights and confidentiality in relation to how information about them is handled. 

The leaflets entitled Link opens in new windowHow to see your Health Records and Link opens in new windowYour health records (easy read) give information about your rights under the above Act and how you can get access to your health record. The leaflets tell you about:

  • The information that is collected in the NHS about you 
  • How that information can be used
  • How you can find out more about the information held about you

In NHS Grampian requests to see health records are handled by our Information Governance Team. If you would like to see your health records, or if you have any query relating to your health records, please contact the Information Governance Team at:

Information Governance
Department of eHealth
NHS Grampian
Rosehill House
Cornhill Road
AB25 2ZG

Tel: 01224 551549
Fax: 01224 550701
Email: nhsg.infogovernance@nhs.net

When you attend hospital, information about you is recorded in manual files and on computer. Patients' health records are an important source of information. Some use may be made of this information for audit and management studies to help improve how we deliver services, to improve the way we treat people or to help improve the health of the general public. We may be undertaking studies to assess the frequency or behaviour of certain diseases. Wherever possible, your personal details will be removed. We take great care to ensure that no patient can be identified. You may also be approached, and asked to be involved in teaching sessions to help train student doctors, or to take part in research studies. Staff should ask you for your agreement to this.

We hope you will accept that such work is very important for advancing medical knowledge. We therefore ask you to accept that your health records may be used in this way.

If you do not agree to this, it will not affect the healthcare you receive. 

If you are concerned about your information being shared for the purposes of medical training and research, you can object by writing to the Health Records Manager:

Health Records Manager
Medical Records Department
AB25 2ZN

Tel: 01224 553542
Fax: 01224 554848
E-mail: aberdeenmedicalrecords@nhs.net

If you do so, your record will be marked and it will not be made available for audit, research or other studies without your express consent. Before reaching such a decision, you may find it helpful to discuss the matter with those responsible for your hospital care.

Sometimes the law allows the NHS to share your information without your permission, for example to notify of an infectious disease.

Further information

The following leaflets are available for more information:    
Link opens in new windowConfidentiality, it's your right
Link opens in new windowConfidentiality, your rights - for children and young people under 16
Link opens in new windowKeeping your health information private (easy read)

Link opens in new windowHow to see your health records
Link opens in new windowYour health records (easy read)

These leaflets are also available in other formats and languages from  Link opens in new windowHealth Rights Information Scotland