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Membership of the Committee

The main qualifications for membership of the committee will be a proven interest in ethics. Membership will be widely advertised within NHS Grampian and elsewhere if appropriate.

Membership will normally include:

  • Medical clinicians from primary and secondary care and public health
  • Non medical clinicians
  • A non executive member of NHS Grampian Board
  • Members of the public, recruited by advertisement
  • Members with expertise in: Ethics/philosophy Theology

Legal advice should be readily accessible if not available by membership of the committee

Many other skills may be required either routinely or occasionally and members may be co-opted as and when required. Specialist knowledge should be accessed when needed. The number of members will vary between 12 -15 people.

The Chairman will be appointed by the Chairman of NHS Grampian Board having sought advice from the committee itself and other relevant parties.

The chairman of the Clinical Ethics Committee will recruit members.

The committee will appoint a Deputy Vice Chairman.

Members will normally serve for a term of 4 years, which can be renewed, usually with a maximum of two terms. The chairman will normally serve as such for 4 years.


All NHS members have a right to attend as observers. Other NHS staff in Grampian may be invited to attend Committee meetings to inform and/or report on specific matters. They may also attend, by prior arrangement, as observers.

List of current members of the committee