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Outpatient clinics

This information is to help you during your child's visit to our hospital. You may also find it useful to refer to the other sections such as General information. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

Changing your child's appointment

If your child's appointment time is not suitable, please telephone (01224) 550232 and we will arrange another appointment for you. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment as w may be able to offer the appointment to another child. If you do not attend for the appointment and you have not notified us, your general practitioner (GP) may be informed. People who do not attend delay other children from receiving medical attention.

If your appointment has to be cancelled by the clinic we will let you know of an alternative date by letter or telephone.

Change in your personal details

Please telephone or write to the Clinic to notify us of any change(s) in your child's name, address or telephone number. You can find the telephone number on the appointment card.

Who should come to the hospital?

In the interest of your child it is important that you come with them. This will help us to obtain an accurate history of your child's illness. If your child needs an operation or special test, written consent from a parent is required and is often taken at an out-patient visit.

What do we need to take with us?

  • Your child's appointment card.

As many parents forget what they want to ask when they are at the clinic or they feel anxious, it may be helpful to make a note of:

  • Details of your child's illness
  • Medication your child has been taking
  • Questions you would like to ask the doctor
  • Development book (red book) (if age appropriate).

On arrival

Please enter the Children's Hospital by the main entrance. The outpatient department is on the ground floor of the hospital. Please report to the reception desk at the outpatient department .

If your appointment is for the orthopaedic or fracture clinics then these are held in the Accident and Emergency department. Please enter the hospital by the Accident and Emergency entrance and report to the reception desk there.

The receptionist at the clinic will check the necessary identification details. If your child has any special needs, please tell the clinic receptionist when you arrive.

All members of staff wear a name badge. This will help you identify them.

The consultation

There is a waiting area where there are toys and books for the children and magazines for the parents.

We aim to see patients at their appointment time, or at least within 30 minutes of their appointment time. If delays are likely, we will keep you informed of the reason and how long you are likely to have to wait. Please note several different clinics may be running at the same time.

The nursing staff will keep you informed of any delays. If you have not been taken or informed of any delay within 30 minutes, please make a member of staff aware.

Consultants are present at most clinics. You may not always be seen by him or her but by another doctor who can call on a consultant if required.

Will students be present?

The Children's Hospital is a teaching hospital, which trains medical and nursing staff. It is hoped that you will help by allowing them to take part in your child's care. If you do not wish students to be present, please let a member of staff know.

How long will we be at the clinic?

Your first visit usually takes longer as full details of your child's illness have to be taken. Your child will be examined and may require X-rays or other special tests. Sometimes these tests have to be arranged for another day. This visit may take up to an hour or sometimes longer. Please be prepared for this and make arrangements if possible for your other children (if appropriate). Future visits may only last 5 to 15 minutes.

Some tests may have to be performed before your child is examined, and in a number of clinics your child may be asked to provide samples of blood and / or urine.

After your appointment

Your GP will receive information about your child's tests and / or treatment within 10 working days. Please note that this is only possible if the results of all the necessary tests have been received. If your child's treatment is to begin immediately, you will be given a letter to hand to your GP.

Will another appointment be required?

If your child needs to come back to the outpatient clinic, the doctor will give you a slip of paper telling you when your child is to be seen again. You can make this further appointment by taking this slip of paper to the reception desk.

Unauthorised photography, filming or recording

No one is allowed to make unauthorised photos, video or audio recordings in NHS Grampian buildings and grounds, particularly if they feature other patients, staff, carers, or visitors.  This is to respect the privacy and dignity of individuals using our services and also our staff.