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Coming into hospital

This information is designed to help you and your child prepare for a visit to our hospital. You may also find it useful to refer to the other sections under Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

Our staff

Staff will introduce themselves and ask what your child prefers to be called, and if you prefer to be called by your first name or surname.

All staff have identification badges which should be worn where they can be seen easily. As well as doctors and nurses, other staff may be involved in your child's care (eg pharmacist, teacher, physiotherapist, social worker). They will be introduced to you as you meet them.

If you are unsure of who anyone is, ask them to show you their identification badge.

Preparing for admission

Coming to hospital can be exciting and frightening for your child. They may have many questions and worries about a hospital stay. Preparing your child for admission to hospital is very important. It may help reduce any worries or fears they may have. Below are some tips that may help you prepare your child.

  • Too much information can overwhelm, so stick to essentials and answer questions as they arise
  • Don't start preparing too soon. A few days' preparation will be fine
  • Keep explanations simple and truthful. 
  • Explain reasons for hospital treatment. Older children may have more questions
  • Tell your child what they will see and who they may meet. Children's books about coming into hospital are helpful for this
  • Remember to explain that you will be seeing them regularly or staying in the hospital
  • Emphasise that they will come home when the treatment is finished
  • Let your child become involved in the planning of their admission.  Let them help to pack their bag

What to bring

Please bring your child's Development Book (red book) with you, if you have one.

Please take in toiletries, underwear, slippers and night clothes. If your child has front fastening cotton pyjamas they can wear them for theatre.  

We have lots of toys and activities supervised by our play staff but a special toy (eg a well-loved teddy or blanket) can help your child to settle in.


If your child is on any medication please bring it to the hospital with you so we can continue your child's treatment. Please hand any medication to the nurse admitting your child.

When you arrive

When you arrive at the hospital please report to the Concourse admission desk for completion of your child's documentation. 

Day case admissions: If you have been asked to arrive at the Day Case Unit at 8.00am, please go directly to the ward at this time, if the admission desk is not manned.

All clinical areas in the hospital have security entry systems.  Please press the buzzer, identify yourself and the staff will allow you to enter the department.

Please use the 'gel stations' at the ward entrances to cleanse your hands and help us to prevent infection.

You and your child will meet your named nurse on admission or within 24 hours.  This nurse is responsible for planning your child's care, answering any questions, and keeping you up to date.

The staff wish to make your child's stay in hospital as pleasant as possible.  The nursing staff will want to find out as much as they can about your child in order to plan his or her care.  It may take up to an hour for the doctors and nurses to examine your child and complete all their paperwork.  You will find out more about the ward and your child's treatment when admitted.

Before leaving the ward, please check with nursing staff in case they know of any other member of staff who may need to see you.