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About Us

Royal Aberdeen Childrens Hospital, Westburn Road, Foresterhill, Aberdeen, AB25 2ZG
Tel:  0345 456 6000

Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital is based on the Foresterhill site.

The Combined Child Health Service

The Combined Child Health Service provides acute and community child health services across Grampian and to some children from Tayside, Highland, Orkney and Shetland. The Service was established in 1999 and provides all secondary and tertiary acute paediatric services.

Child Health is increasingly becoming a multi-agency service and a lot of work is carried out with the 3 local authorities - Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray - in terms of planning, funding, management etc. We also work closely with voluntary agencies.

The aim of the service:

  • To provide seamless care to children and their families
  • To provide child-centred care
  • Facilities should be child and family friendly
  • Staff should be paediatrically trained

Acute care is provided at Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital and Dr Gray's Hospital in Elgin. Acute care is currently provided up to 14 years of age, although there is some flexibility with this for individual children. All aspects of outpatient, inpatient and daycase care is provided. RACH is a teaching hospital so undergraduate and postgraduate teaching takes place.

Community care is provided at various locations:

  • Raeden Pre-School Assessment Centre for children with special needs
  • Schools across Grampian
  • Health Centres across Grampian
  • Child Development Teams across Aberdeenshire, providing medical and therapeutic care to children with special needs

Your New Hospital

The new Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital (RACH) provides a comprehensive range of paediatric services. The facility, which opened on 25th January 2004, replaces the previous children's hospital built in 1929 and is sited on the existing hospital campus with a direct bridge link to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on the Foresterhill site.

  • Approval received from the Scottish Government in January 2000
  • £24m project, including £3m from donated monies raised by the Archie Foundation
  • RACH received its first patient on 25th January 2004
  • Provides improved facilities
  • 700 rooms
  • 16,000 square metres on 5 levels
  • 3 theatres and 1 dental anaesthetic suite
  • 43 single in-patient rooms with en-suite facilities (including 41 pull-down beds for parents/carers), 50% of total bed numbers
  • 4 double and 16 single rooms in the Parent Accommodation Suite

Challenges Faced

Challenges facing Child Health in the future:

  • Changing Child Health profile - falling population figures, increased children with special needs, shorter stays in hospital, more services provided in the community
  • Recruitment and retention issues in some departments especially Mental Health and Community Child Health
  • Need to increase nursing levels to bring up to national standards
  • Increased demand for services, increased parental expectation
  • Child Health is a national and local priority, but need more funding
  • Increased demand for Mental Health Services, long waiting times to be seen
  • Development of Managed Clinical Networks required
  • Need to keep specialist paediatric services in the North of Scotland
  • Rural issues - need to ensure equity of access, reduce travelling times, provide services at local level
  • Continue to provide services to Highland, Tayside, Orkney and Shetland