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General Surgery Home Page

General Surgery is the largest surgical speciality and is found at every major hospital.

General surgeons deal with emergency patients referred from the A&E department or GP's for urgent assessment of acute abdominal conditions that may require an operation.

In non-urgent cases, general surgeons will tend to specialise in particular types of operation.  These patients are assessed in the out patient department and then placed on the waiting list to have their operation at a later date.

In Grampian the NHS Hospitals listed on this site that have General Surgery Departments are:

General Surgery at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary has 6 wards, each dealing with different types of operations.

Ward 31              

Endocrine, Laparoscopic & Upper Gastrointestinal (G/I) (hormones / glands, keyhole surgery and stomach / gullet)

Ward 32              

Colorectal (bowels)

Ward 33              

Gastro-Oesophagael (stomach / gullet)

Ward 34              

Breast & Colorectal (breast & bowels)

Wards 32 & 35   

High Dependancy Care (patients who have had major surgery and so need to be monitored  more closely)

There is also a Daycare Unit for General Surgery, this is where patients get admitted for surgery and released within the same day.

General Surgery Patient Pathways