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Patient Guide to Surgery

"Giving you information about surgical procedures in Grampian"

The Patient Guide to Surgery was developed to provide information about surgical procedures and the numerous locations where an individual could have their operation.

To get information about a particular surgical procedure, select the link, 'General Surgery' (on the left-hand side) and select the speciality that the procedure would be performed in. Within the Surgical Specialities section there will be a list of Surgical Procedures and NHS Grampian Hospitals that contain the particular surgical speciality in question.

Please visit the hospitals section for information such as :

  • How do I get to the hospitals?
  • What do I take into hospital?
  • Patient Care
  • Shop and snack facilities
  • Visiting times

Please Note: This information is for general interest only and should not replace the advice of your doctor. If you require any advice about your health or treatment please contact your GP or specialist. Please also see the terms and conditions of using our website.