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Indications for Bone Density Scan as agreed by Grampian Health Board

 Indications for Bone Densitometry 
 As agreed by Grampian Health Board

Premature menopause (<45 years)
Prolonged secondary amenorrhoea (>1 year) Including depo provera if taken>5 years
Primary Hypogonadism
Prednisolone >2.5 mg/day for more than 3 months
Maternal history of hip fracture
Low body mass index
Anorexia Nervosa
Malabsorption syndromes
Primary hyperparathyroidism
Chronic renal failure
Prolonged immobilisation
Cushing's syndrome
Radiographic evidence of osteopenia and/or vertebral deformity
Previous fragility fracture of the hip spine or wrist
Loss of height, thoracic kyphosis (after radiographic confirmation of vertebral deformities)
Repeat assessment for confirmation of benefit after 3-5 years of treatment for osteoporosis