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General Information

Staff identification

All permanent members of staff wear a name badge that bears a photograph to help you identify them.

Hospital chaplains

Coming into hospital can be a worrying experience and it can be hard to cope with. The hospital chaplains are here to help during this demanding time. A hospital chaplain is available to meet you or your relatives at any time, day or night. Chaplains are willing to visit anyone - people of any faith or none. Please ask a member of staff to contact a chaplain for you. 

If you wish, the Chaplaincy Department will be happy to inform your local church or faith group that you are in hospital. Please make sure that you provide this information when you are admitted.

More information about the spiritual care at our hospitals.

The 3 currently appointed chaplains are:

  • Rev. Andy Willis  Tel: 01542 - 860240
  • Rev. Norma Milne  Tel: 01466 - 793841
  • Rev. Thomas Bryson  Tel: 01343 - 813146

Chaplaincy Office  Tel: 01343 - 567262
Chaplain with responsibility for RC patients:

  • Deacon Vincent Mcquaid  Tel: 01343 - 860489

Each of the three appointed chaplains has responsibility for designated wards and visits their wards on a weekly basis. 

An inter-denominational service of Family Worship for patients, families and staff takes place at 11.00am each Sunday morning in the Hospital Chapel (Ground floor, opposite Ward 8).

Any patient wishing to attend this service should let ward staff know and they will contact the chaplaincy to organise a wheelchair and escort (if required).

Social Work Department

There are social workers in the hospital who are willing to discuss any non-medical problems resulting from your visit. You can contact the Social Work Department through the Receptionist.

Do you look after someone?

Further information is available at this link.

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Fire alarms

The fire alarm is tested every Tuesday morning. Staff will tell you if you should leave the area at any time.

Mobile phones

The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the hospital. The signals can affect vital medical equipment. Please switch off your mobile phone before you enter the hospital.


There are coin operated public telephones available throughout the hospital.

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NHS Grampian recognises that tobacco smoke causes discomfort and ill-health to everyone, whether they smoke or not. Therefore smoking is not allowed within hospital buildings and at entrances.

With permission of ward staff, patients who do not wish to stop smoking while in hospital may use the designated smoking areas outside the hospital buildings.


Alcohol must not be consumed in the hospital or its grounds.


NHS Grampian does not accept unauthorised drugs or illicit substances being brought on to its premises.

Violence and aggression

To ensure staff are able to provide and patients are able to receive health care of the highest quality, NHS Grampian requests that service users:

Do not act in a manner that humiliates, frightens or makes staff or other patients feel unsafe or vulnerable. This includes verbal abuse, threats, antisocial behaviour, harassment, bullying and physical assault. NHS Grampian takes this behaviour extremely seriously and will take appropriate action in all cases.

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