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Traffic Lights - Health Profiles

Also in Traffic Lights - Health Profiles:

  • Traffic Lights - Health Profiles

What are Traffic Lights?

Health Traffic Lights 2012 provide a colour-coded picture of health status in our communities, making it easier to see 'at a glance' the issues that may need to be addressed.

Individual Traffic Light reports are available for postcode sectors in Grampian.  Maps of postcode sectors are included in the pack.

There are reports available for Grampian, as well as the three community health partnerships comprising NHS Grampian.

What are they for?

The Traffic Lights have been designed to:

  • Make it easier to understand health information.
  • Provide health and non-health staff with a systematic, structured tool to visualise inequalities.
  • Make it easier to see differences between geographical areas.
  • Give a starting point for discussion on health issues.
  • Flag issues that need to be investigated further.
  • Help clinical staff to support health improvement and address health inequalities.
  • Assist planners to pinpoint areas and issues for action.
  • Illustrate health status for every postcode in Grampian and by Community Health Partnership (CHP).

Where did the information come from?

Traffic Lights take information from the ScotPHO 'Community Health and Wellbeing Profiles: www.scotpho.org.uk.

How do the Traffic Lights work?

The Health Traffic Lights take each indicator and compare it to the Scotland average.  A colour code is assigned as follows:

Health Indicators - Traffic Lights

Red - more than 5% worse than Scotland average
Green - more than 5% better than Scotland average
Amber - within + or - 5% of Scotland average

Population Indicators - Blue Lights

For some indicators, being different to the Scotland average doesn't mean being 'worse' or 'better', but it might still be useful information - e.g. it may help to know that the community has a higher percentage of elderly in the population. For these indicators, we have assigned Blue Lights as follows:

Light blue - more than 5% less than Scotland average
Dark blue - more than 5% more than Scotland average
Mid blue - within + or - 5% of Scotland average

'Blank' traffic light means data not available. Data in brackets refers to 2008.

By using the colour coding, it is much easier to see 'at a glance' the issues that may need to be addressed.

Further information about Traffic Lights

For information on the development of the Traffic Lights tool, please contact:

Dr Linda Leighton-Beck
Head of Social Inclusion
01224 558743

For further specific information about Traffic Lights, please contact:

Fred Nimmo
01224 558655


Peter MacLean
01224 558465

By post at:

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NHS Grampian
Summerfield House
2 Eday Road
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If you need this information in an alternative format (large print etc.) or in another language please contact:
Email: grampian@nhs.net

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