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Workplace Services

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Oral Health

Who are we?

The Workplace Team has many years experience in providing health promotion services on a commercial basis to businesses.  We deliver services for a wide range of both local and national companies and as an organisation we have gained a reputation for innovative approaches to workplace health.  Our staff have a diverse range of skills and qualifications, including nursing, psychology, teaching, nutrition, social studies, health promotion, business and marketing.


What do we do?

The service provided by the Workplace Team are developed in-house, combining the specialist knowledge and skills of our staff. thay are designed specificall for workplaces whether large or small and can be arranged to fit in with the working day. The topics covered are in response to the requests from workplaces in Grampian and some are available separately for management or staff.

Contact nhsg.publichealthbusiness@nhs.net for further information.

What's available now?

 A range of health services are currently available.

We are happy to adapt our services to meet your needs or new services
can be designed upon request.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements: nhsg.publichealthbusiness@nhs.net.