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General Information


NHS Grampian's grounds are now smoke free - this means no-one is allowed to smoke anywhere on site at any of our premises, including all external areas.

If you are visiting a friend or relative in a hospital, you will not be allowed to smoke anywhere in the hospital building, or in the grounds. Plan your visit to the hospital by bringing a nicotine replacement product, such as gum or a patch, to help reduce cravings. If you need advice on which nicotine replacement product is right for you, ask your pharmacist, or contact our smoking advice service on 08085 202030 about quitting.
Patients who stay over in hospital are not allowed to smoke at all anywhere on the hospital site. That includes the outside areas. We encourage patients to give up smoking. However, if you can't go without smoking and don't want to give up, you can ask ward staff for a nicotine replacement product to help reduce cravings.
What does it mean for you?
Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is not allowed anywhere on site at any of the hospitals premises, including all external areas. All designated smoking areas have been removed.
If you wish to stop smoking, call the smoking advice service free on 08085 202030, or visit your local pharmacist for advice.
If you are visiting a friend or family member in hospital you will not be allowed to smoke anywhere in the hospital buildings or in the grounds. Plan your visit to the hospital and bring a nicotine replacement product to help you manage your cravings.

Unauthorised photography, filming or recording

No one is allowed to make unauthorised photos, video or audio recordings in NHS Grampian buildings and grounds, particularly if they feature other patients, staff, carers, or visitors.  This is to respect the privacy and dignity of individuals using our services and also our staff.


Volunteers & Friends of Roxburghe House

Roxburghe House is fortunate in having an extensive volunteer service. Volunteer duties are co-ordinated by a Voluntary Service Manager within the Unit. Volunteers have an important part to play to assist the clinical staff and their duties are wide ranging. These vary from serving refreshments, participating in social activities and caring for flowers and plants to assisting with reception duties and transporting patients to and from the Unit.

If you wish to give your time please contact the Voluntary Service Manager (VSM). All volunteers automatically become a Friend of Roxburghe House. There is a separate leaflet, which gives more details of volunteer opportunities and the work of the Friends of Roxburghe House available by contacting the VSM  (tel: 01224 557100).

Your Comments

If you have any comments regarding the service of care received, please contact a member of Senior Staff at Roxburghe House.

Roxburghe House
Ashgrove Road
Cornhill Site
AB25 2ZH

In Patient Reception Desk
Tel: 01224 557057

Service Support Manager
01224 557069

Donations to Roxburghe House

As with all NHS services the care at Roxburghe House is provided free of charge. However we realise that in some circumstances groups, individuals, families and friends may wish to make Donations. Regrettably we are unable to accept specific items as gifts.

Nonetheless there are many ways in which cash donations can be used for specific purposes to enhance the care we offer at the Unit. Such kindness and generosity is deeply appreciated. For further details and information please contact the Roxburghe House Service Support Manager.

Friends of Roxburghe House do not actively fund raise but do manage funds for the benefit of patients. Donations, if desired, should be made payable to 'Friends of Roxburghe House' and addressed to the Voluntary Service Manager who will forward to the Treasurer.

Donations to Macmillan Cancer Relief should be directed to the local Macmillan Fundraising Office (location listed in the telephone directory) or can be forwarded by the Roxburghe House Service Support Manager.