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The Oaks - Elgin

Palliative Care Day Centre

The Oaks is a purpose-built unit aimed at the provision of specialist care and rehabilitation for individuals aged 18 years old and upwards living in Moray and who have a cancer or other progressive illnesses. The Oaks is one element of an integrated specialist care service, complementing the existing community Macmillan Nursing service. The care is offered either on an outpatient basis, by attendance at one of the professional clinics, or by attendance within the day unit.

Reflection of Services 2012/13

Services within the Oaks continue to change and develop according to the needs of the patients attending, as well as the requirements of local and national guidelines and policies.

 In December 2012 the Oaks underwent a Macmillan Quality Environment Award assessment, the result was the attainment of the award for the second time. This honour is given in recognition of the level of comfort, safety, dignity and facilities afforded to those who attend the Oaks. 

The aim of the multidisciplinary team is to give high quality care to patients taking into account consideration of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Life enhancing treatments and therapies are offered.

Assessing patients prior to commencement within the day unit gives patients and families the opportunity to meet with some members of the team, see the building and ask any questions, for staff it means that care can begin to be planned. This is proving very worth while.

The Oaks staff are complemented by a team of dedicated and hard working volunteers, who bring a great wealth of talents and skills. The Oaks have been successful in achieving the Investors In Volunteers award.

Out patient clinics are increasingly busy. The Complementary therapy clinic, available to non day care patients and their next of kin has three therapists working all day on a Friday. The users of this service feel the benefit of being able to relax and be 'pampered' and enjoy their sessions with the therapists.

The team are pleased to offer the Oaks as a venue for the multiple sclerosis support group. The monthly clinic for MS patients also held within the unit has resulted in an increase in referrals to the day unit for short spells of treatment and rehabilitation.

Financial advice and help continues to be provided by the Macmillan Citizens Advise Bureau Project worker.