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Equality and Diversity: Racial Equality

Racial Equality

NHS Grampian is already a leader in many areas of racial equality work within the healthcare field in Scotland. Over the next three years, the NHS Grampian Board has set the ambitious target of NHS Grampian becoming the leader in all aspects of racial equality work. This target will only be achieved with the hard work and commitment of all NHS Grampian staff, the support of our local ethnic communities and their representative organisations, partner agencies and other interested parties.

There are many different ethnic communities in Grampian, spread out over a large geographical area. We must also be aware of the rapidly changing demographic profile of Grampian and the health care needs of the large number of recent migrant workers and their families choosing to settle here.

The following outlines the work we are doing to promote racial equality in the services we provide and within NHS Grampian:

  1. NHS Grampian Race Equality Scheme 2008-2011 (RES)

  2. NHS Grampian Race Equality Action Plan (pdf)

  3. NHS Grampian Equality and Diversity Workforce Monitoring Report

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  5. Translation services