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Clinics and Services

Each doctor provides a full range of maternity, contraceptive, minor surgery and child health surveillance services. All the GPs are on minor surgery and child surveillance lists. Patients, including new patients joining the practice will be offered consultations for a health promotion. The doctors have an interest in complementary medicine and can provide acupuncture. Hearing aid replacement batteries and tubing are available on request from reception. Certain minor surgical procedures are performed by our own doctors at Mintlaw Surgery.


Clinics & Services





Adult immunisation

All adults should be vaccinated against Tetanus / Diptheria. Practice Nurse will advise on course of vaccinations.

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Antenatal clinic

The Community Midwives carry out antenatal clinics every Thursday from 9.00am to 4.00pm at Mintlaw Surgery. Please contact the Surgery to arrange an appointment.  The Midwives are based at Peterhead Community Hospital, to contact the Midwives directly telephone 01779 482445

Child health clinic

This is to assess the normal child development and is run by each GP in conjunction with their postnatal clinic (usually weekdays 2.00pm to 2.30pm). Please contact reception to book appointments. For Health Visitor assessments, contact them directly on 01771 623754.

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Asthma clinic

This clinic is run by the Practice Asthma Nurses and overseen by Dr Leslie on a regular basis when your peak flow and inhaler technique will be checked. Asthmatic patients require an annual review at our clinic.

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Cardiac rehabilitation clinic

This clinic is provided for patients who have suffered an MI or other cardiac problems. The Clinic is run by a Practice Nurse and overseen by Dr McInnes.

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Child immunisation clinic

Advice and immunisations with the Practice Nurse by appointment only.

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Diabetic clinic

This clinic is run by a Practice Nurse and overseen by Dr J Mackay.

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District nurses, midwives & health visitors

The District Nurses provide specialist nursing care and advice to patients in the community. The Midwives are involved in all aspects of antenatal / postnatal care. The Health Visitors are specialist nurses who have responsibility for child health surveillance, health promotion, etc in the community. District Nurses can be contacted on 01771 622234, Health Visitor on 01771 623754 and Midwives at Peterhead Maternity on 01779 482445.

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Epilepsy clinic

A Practice Nurse runs the clinic.  Patients have an annual follow-up assessment and patient support given.

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Family planning clinic

Each GP provides a full range of contraceptive services.  Please see a GP or Practice Nurse by appointment to discuss contraception issues.

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Health promotion clinic

The Health Promotion Nurse runs this clinic. This is by appointment only. She will assess general health and give health advice. When registering with the Practice, new patients, over the age of 5, are given an appointment to attend for a New Patient Registration Medical.

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Home visits

Requests for home visits should, if at all possible, be made before 10.00am Calls after 10.00am can seriously disrupt the smooth running of the practice and lead to delays in treatment for serious ill patients. Whenever possible please try to come to the Surgery. If babies and children are unwell they would be seen more quickly by attending the Surgery. If it is cold, they can be wrapped up well and brought to the Surgery quite safely. Parents who have more than one child can usually contact a friend or relative willing to look after the rest of the family allowing them to attend the Surgery with the unwell child. When requesting a home visit, patients if not in bed, should be dressed in a dressing gown and have a urine sample ready for testing.

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Dr A Mackay offers limited accupuncture therapy.

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Hypertension clinic

This clinic is run by the Practice Hypertension Nurse and overseen by Dr Christie. Patients blood pressure and medication will be assessed on a regular basis. Routine ECG and annual blood tests are performed to check cholesterol levels.

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Minor surgery service

Most GPs carries out various minor surgery procedures. To discuss this please see the GP by appointment first.

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Non NHS services

If you need a medical examination or report, eg fitness to undertake sports, pre-employment, HGV, PSV or elderly driver, this will be carried out by appointment with the doctor. A fee will be charged. For list of fees contact the practice

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Other services

Numerous other agencies and specialists hold clinics at Mintlaw Surgery. These include:

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Dietician
  • CPN
  • Substance Misuse Team 
  • Consultant Psychiatrist

Referral to these services is by your GP only.

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Practice Nurse clinics

These are the main clinics run by the Practice Nurses on Monday to Fridays 8.30am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.15pm and at the community resource centre at Maud on a wednesday 8.30am to 10.45am.  The Practice Nurses are available by appointment only. They can help you with minor injuries, dressings, injections, smears, removal of stitches, ear syringing and blood tests. They can also advise on travel immunisations and a wide variety of health issues, but will refer you to the doctor if your condition requires it.

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Stroke / TIA clinic

This clinic is run by a Practice Nurse and is overseen by Dr McInnes.

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Travel clinic

Full travel and immunisation advice is available by appointment with the Practice Nurse.

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