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Clinics and Services


Consultations with Doctors and Practice Nurses are by appointment only.  To make an appointment, please telephone the surgery on 01340 820888 or call in at reception.  You may make an appointment to see any doctor or nurse.  Our staff will make every effort to give you a convenient and early appointment however you may have to wait a little longer for appointments at specific times e.g. after school or work.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible.  We will then be able to offer this appointment time to another person. 

Urgent Appointment

If you feel you need to see your doctor urgently, please make this clear to our staff.  The doctors will always respond to serious problems as soon as possible in the appropriate way whether by appointment or home visit.

Emergency Contraception

Women requiring emergency contraception should ask the receptionist for an emergency appointment or phone to speak to the duty doctor.

Home Visits

Patients who are housebound or too ill to come to the surgery should telephone between 8.30am and 10:00am to request a home visit.  Please provide our staff with as much information so the doctors can prioritise their visits.  Please remember it may not always be possible to see your usual doctor. 

Out of Hours

Rinnes Medical Group works with GMED and NHS24 to provide emergency cover during evenings, weekends and public holidays. If you need urgent medical treatment outwith normal surgery times, please telephone the health centre number 01340 820888. Your call will be diverted to the GMED/NHS24 centre automatically and will be answered by a trained nurse. The nurse may give advice, if appropriate, or will direct your call to the doctor on call. You may be asked to attend Stephen Hospital for treatment if the doctor considers this appropriate

Emergencies - dial 999 and also phone your doctor
1. heart attacks presenting as severe tightness or pain across the chest with sweating and breathlessness
2. collapse
3. choking
4. sudden severe bleeding
5. accidents involving unconsciousness

We recommend that patients living in rural areas keep a note of their postcode or six figure grid reference to assist the Scottish Ambulance Service in finding their address urgently.  It would also be helpful to give instructions on accessing more remote addresses.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you require regular medication, we will attach a list of your repeat medication to your prescription.  To order your medicines, please tick the box next to each item required and return the slip to the post-box at the main health centre door. Alternatively you can order your medicines by phone - please telephone 01340 821636 (24 hour answering machine) leaving a note of your name, address and a list of the medication you require.  Prescriptions are delivered to the Dufftown Pharmacy or your may ask to collect your prescription from reception.

Please allow 48 hours notice before collection.

Test Results

Our reception staff may where appropriate give out test results from your doctor.  Please phone the health centre between 2pm and 5pm.

Telephoning your doctor

If you need to speak to your doctor, please telephone the receptionist.  She will be able to advise you if your doctor is available and the best time to speak to him.  Please telephone at 8:45 am if possible.

Telephone number withheld

We have increasing problems trying to contact patients who use a call barring system to block calls from withheld numbers.  For confidentiality, the health centre and doctors? mobile telephone numbers are withheld.  If you use call barring on your telephone line, we will be unable to contact you by telephone. 

Public Holidays

Rinnes Medical Group is open as usual during local and public holidays with the exception of NHSG holidays, May Day, Christmas and New Year holidays. Details will be posted throughout the health centre, Dufftown Pharmacy, library and post office.

General Medical Services

Rinnes Medical Group provide the following services:

  • care for patients who are ill or believe themselves to be ill
  • care for terminally ill patients
  • management of chronic disease including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, epilepsy, mental illness, cancer, hypertension, hypothyroidism
  • cervical screening
  • contraceptive services
  • vaccinations and immunisations
  • child health surveillance
  • maternity services
  • minor surgery
  • monitoring of patients on Warfarin or disease modifying drugs


Dr Heneghan and physiotherapist Ann McLennan offer acupuncture treatment. 

Ambulance Transport

If you are attending a hospital appointment and need ambulance transport on medical grounds, patients are now asked to book their own transport. Please arrange this in plenty of time and at least 2 days prior to your appointment.


The midwife holds clinics on Tuesday afternoons.  Appointments are arranged with the midwife.


All asthma patients are reviewed regularly by the nurse/doctor. 

Child Health

The Health Visiting Team hold a clinic every third Thursday from 10.00am to 11.00am. The health visitor can advise and help mothers with their child's progress until school age.  She is available for advice and it is an opportunity to discuss childcare issues and weigh baby if required.

Child Immunisation

Baby immunisations are done by the Health Visitor. Pre-school immunisations are given along with the pre-school assessment by the health visitor when the child reaches their fourth birthday.


All doctors provide family planning services during routine consulting hours.  You need to see your doctor for review every year.

Coronary Heart Disease

Practice nurses run the Coronary Heart Disease clinic with the GPs.  Patients are referred by their doctor and seen for review


This is available following referral from your doctor.

Developmental Assessment

Children are seen on an appointment basis by the GP/Health Visitor on Wednesday from 10:30am for developmental and physical checks. This can include a top to toe physical examination, a hearing test and developmental review.


The practice runs a monthly diabetic clinic usually held on a Thursday. Patients are seen by the practice nurse and GP.  


The Dietician holds clinics at the health centre following referral by your doctor.

Employment Medicals

Employment medicals are arranged on an appointment basis.  This service is offered outwith the NHS and a fee is payable.

Flu Vaccination

Held in October, dates of open clinics will be posted throughout the health centre and in the hospital, chemist, library and post office.  This is available those aged sixty-five years and over along with those who normally have the flu vaccination given for other health reasons. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Patients taking HRT are reviewed by their doctor every 6 months.

Mental Health

The mental health team hold clinics in the health centre on a weekly basis.

Minor Surgery

All doctors offer minor surgery.  Please discuss this with your doctor.

New Patient Health Screening

All patients registering with the Health Centre are invited to attend a screening appointment with the doctor or practice nurse. 


Appointments are arranged following referral from your doctor.  The Podiatrist holds a clinic every Tuesday.


Physiotherapist Ann McLennan MCSP SRP holds clinics on Monday and Thursday.  Appointments are made either by self referral or referral  from your doctor.

Screening Appointments

All adults are routinely invited to well person screening every 5 years.  The nurse will check your weight, blood pressure, and urine and discuss your general health.  If you wish to be seen at other times, please make an appointment to see your doctor.

Surgical Clinic

Mr Gunn, Consultant Surgeon, holds a monthly outpatient clinic in Dufftown.

Teenage Health

Rinnes Medical Group provides a teenage health resource cupboard covering such topics are drug use, smoking and sexual health.  The resource cupboard is located in the patient toilet next to the health centre main entrance.

Travel Advice

The Practice Nurses offer a travel advice and vaccination service to all our patients.  Please make an appointment in the first instance to discuss your travel needs.

Videos available for loan - please ask at reception

Anxiety, phobias & panic attacks
Breast cancer
Controlling your weight
Diabetes - insulin dependent
Diabetes - non-insulin dependent
High blood pressure
Irritable bowel syndrome

Wart clinic

The Practice Nurses hold a Wart Clinic on an appointment basis.

Weight Reduction Clinic

Help with weight reduction is offered by referral from the GP or PN to the appropriate service. This gives individuals an opportunity to attend and monitor their dietary progress and weight loss. Advice and encouragement is always in abundance!


Patients taking Warfarin are monitored by their GP.  Appointments for warfarin blood tests are made with the community nurse.


Clinics held in Stephen Hospital one afternoon per week.