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Committees and Forums

Audit Committee

To assist the Board to deliver its responsibilities for the conduct of public business and the stewardship of funds under its control and seeks to provide assurance to the Board that an appropriate system of internal control is in place.

Clinical Ethics Committee

To advise all professionals and organisations within NHS Grampian on ethical matters and to raise their awareness of ethics.

Clinical Governance Committee

To oversee clinical governance in the three Community Health Partnerships and the Acute sector.

It is responsible for ensuring mechanisms are in place for effective clinical governance and assurance to the Board that these are in place.

Discipline Committee

To investigate allegations that a family healthy practitioner has failed to comply with terms and conditions of service under the National Health Service (Service Committees and Tribunal) (Scotland) Regulations 1992, as amended.

Endowment Committee

To oversee the management of the Endowment Funds; determines investment objectives and restrictions on types of investment in which transactions should not be invested; approves the General Endowment Fund income and expenditure budgets annually; agrees appropriate distribution and uses of general endowment funds.

eHealth Committee

To monitor and review all aspects of eHealth ensuring that all strategic objectives are achieved where affordable, and that patient care obtains the maximum benefits possible, while supporting clinical and integrated care.

National Research Ethics Service - North of Scotland

To provide the independent advice to participants, researchers, funders, sponsors, employers, care organisations and professionals on the extent to which proposals for research studies comply with recognised ethical standards.

Patient Focus and Public Involvement (PFPI)

To provide a strategic overview of PFPI and to ensure that the public is involved effectively in NHS Grampian's strategic and corporate agenda.

Performance Governance Committee (PGC)

To monitor and support dynamic performance monitoring, assessment and management arrangements across NHS Grampian and provide assurance to the Board on the effectiveness of these arrangements.

Pharmacy Practices Committee

To determine entry into the Pharmaceutical List.

Service Strategy and Redesign Committee (SSRC)

To develop the overarching strategy for the Board and overseeing the ongoing system and service redesign. It also has responsibility for monitoring the delivery of the organisational strategy.

Spiritual Care Committee

To support the integrated planning and delivery of spiritual care services within Grampian.

Staff Governance Committee

To support the creation of a culture within the NHS Grampian health system, where the delivery of the highest standard possible of staff management is understood to be the responsibility of everyone working within the system and is built upon partnership and collaboration.


Area Clinical Forum

To review and support the business of the Area Professional Committees to ensure a co-ordinated approach on clinical matters among the different professions and within the component parts of the local NHS system.

Grampian Area Partnership Forum (GAPF)

To ensure effective employee relations and is committed to working in partnership to achieve outcomes which benefit both staff and the services provided to patients within NHS Grampian.


For information on any of the above, please contact Lesley Hall, Assistant Board Secretary, on 01224 558600, lesleyb.hall@nhs.net