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Who are the Board Members?

The membership of the Board reflects the partnership approach which is essential to improving health and health care.  Members have been appointed by the Health Minister on the basis of their particular expertise or position which will enable them to contribute to making strategic decisions about health and health care in Grampian.

The Non-Executive Members of the Board are:

The Executive Members of the Board are:

  • Mr Malcolm Wright, Chief Executive
  • Ms Amanda Croft, Director of Nursing, Midwifery and AHP
  • Dr Nick Fluck,  Medical Director
    Mr Alan Gray, Director of Finance

  • The Board Secretary is:

  • Mrs Laura Gray, Director of Corporate Communications

Other Attendees:

  • Dr Annie Ingram, Director of Workforce
  • Mr Graeme Smith, Director of Modernisation
  • Mrs Susan Webb, Acting Director of Public Health