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Controlling infection

Infection Control, hospital hygiene and Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) receives much media attention. The Scottish Executive Health Department (SEHD) has also placed this high on their agenda. It is a changing and challenging time ahead for infection control as we respond to these national demands.

Health Protection Scotland (HPS) have issued a set of infection control and cleaning standards that we have to follow. We are working to make sure that these standards are met and that they are included in any plans for the future.

We have responded well to the challenges of HAI and given infection control a high priority when estimating the costs for our plans for the future.

We aim to give patients high quality care by:

  • Creating an environment that is safe for patients, staff and visitors
  • Making sure that equipment is used and maintained in a way that reduces the risks of catching or spreading HAI
  • Maintaining cleanliness wherever healthcare is given
  • Introducing Cleanliness Champions across NHS Grampian (staff who have been trained in how to prevent and control infection)
  • To re-introduce the role of Infection Control Link Personnel where staff act as ward based 'links' to the Infection Control team

More information

For more information please contact the Infection Control Team on 01224 550998