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Workforce Plan 2015

The NHS Grampian 2015 Workforce Plan comprehensively outlines the Workforce 2020 Vision. Our workforce in the future will be even more flexible, engaged and multi-skilled to empower patients as well as organised in an integrated way that will focus on the needs of the individual.
Download a copy of the NHS Grampian 2015 Workforce Plan (pdf)

Through previous workforce planning cycles, in partnership with staff-side, the workforce in Grampian has continued to evolve. This includes increased clinical roles for: Pharmacists; Advanced Nurse Practitioners; Allied Health Professionals; Paramedics; Physician Associates and Health Care Support Workers. The detail is included throughout this NHS Grampian 2015 Workforce Plan. These additional clinical roles provide enhanced capacity across patient pathways in both Primary and Secondary Care.

There are challenges and risks associated with overall workforce supply and recruitment to a number of roles. We have, however, made significant investment in the Medical and Nursing workforce with the Medical workforce increasing by 22 whole time equivalent (wte) and the Nursing and Midwifery workforce by 176 wte between 31st March 2014 and 31st March 2015.

Other proactive steps that have been progressed include: international and UK recruitment of GPs; attendance at career and jobs fairs; improved social media presence with dedicated GP Facebook pages; secondary care medical workforce symposiums and Senior Charge Nurses Conference. These events have been well attended with high levels of staff engagement which will hopefully be captured in the new NHS Scotland staff experience tool 'iMatter'.

New infrastructure across NHS Grampian provides impetus and an opportunity for current and future staff. Future investment in the new Baird Family Hospital and the new ANCHOR Centre supports the organisation's vision of empowerment of patients and engaged staff. These new facilities will provide for a wide range of services for maternity and cancer care.

NHS Grampian is investing in the Medical and Nursing workforce with an increase in the staff employed, increased clinical roles thereby enhanced capacity, proactive recruitment and investing in new infrastructure to engage and empower patients and staff. All of the aforementioned is supporting the delivery of the Workforce 2020 Vision and is included in this NHS Grampian 2015 Workforce plan.