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Public Health

Director of Public Health's Annual Report

Link opens in new windowDirector of Public Health Annual Report 2012

The Link opens in new windowExecutive Summary and Link opens in new windowAppendices are also available.

The 2012 report gives a flavour of current work, in the NHS and with partners, and is not a comprehensive account of the considerable contribution of either partners or the NHS to the effort to improve our public health.

The report identifies areas of improving public health, including downward trends in premature deaths from heart disease and reductions in the numbers of smokers. 

The report continues to stress that the public health of Grampian is everyone's business and that we need to work together; using our assets wisely - our people, our communities, our environment - as well as our facilities and other resources.

The report makes clear the importance of maintaining our health during our working years and the range of support for that.

The report focuses on the 'Big Issues' many of which are also of concern in other parts of Scotland. These include the health and care of an increasingly elderly population, giving the best start to our children and young people, controlling use of tobacco, ensuring we increase our physical activity levels across the population, a addressing health inequalities and reaching out to the most vulnerable, and tackling the continuing rise in obesity, and alcohol misuse. 

The plans we make today and tomorrow must recognise the pressure to manage these challenges. This report will assist in incorporating public health needs and aspirations into future planning

If you have any comments or queries about the report, please contact the 2012 DPH Report Editor, Dr Linda Leighton-Beck, Linda.Leighton-Beck@nhs.net.