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Acne - So what can you do?
NHS Grampian Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking Services
Antibiotics - So you want to know more?


Stop bedwetting - tips for children 
NHS Grampian Breastfeeding Policy - Parents Guide


Do you look after someone? (Carer)
Talking about constipation
COPD - What should you do when it gets worse?
Cough - So what can you do?
Cystitis - So what can you do?


Earache - So what can you do?


NHS Grampian Fertility Services
First aid for the under 5's


NHS Grampian GP and Community Nursing
GP Registration Form
GP Booklet (Why you should register with your local GP)


Healthfit leaflet 2010-2013
Healthpoint poster
Healthystart leaflet
Healthystart poster
High blood pressure(Hypertension)
Home safety checklist


NHS Grampian Maternity Services
Information for patients with MRSA 2008
MRSA Screening 2008


A guide to NHS Grampian Pharmacy, Dental and Ophthalmic Services
Potty and toilet training - A guide for parents
A guide to healthy eating during pregnancy


NHS Grampian Sexual health services
Sexual Health services in Grampian - Terrence Higgins Trust
Sinusitis - So what can you do?
Sore throat? So what can you do?
Influenza A (H1N1) Swine Flu: Symptoms & Treatment


Seven steps to a great smile (Teeth care)
Teeth tlc top tips


Vistor information poster


Weaning - Teaching your baby to enjoy good food
Weaning - What foods? When? How much?


NHS Health Scotland Publications

Some of the following documents are available to download on Link opens in new windowNHS Health Scotland's website or alternatively printed copies can be requested by e-mailing roda.bird@nhs.net.

A.  Alcohol

    1. A Fresh Approach: Helping you make positive choices about the amount you drink
    2. Making a change

B.  General Health

    1. Bowel Screening
    2. Hepatitis C - Take control
    3. Vitamin D and you
    4. Taking positive steps to avoid trips and falls
    5. Tuberculosis: TB - the disease, its treatment and prevention

C.  Child Health

    1. Headlice: Information for parents
    2. Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR): Making sure you are protected
    3. Teenage Immunisation
    4. Hib - Does your child need a Hib booster immunisation?

D.  Mental Health

    1. Taking about bipolar affective disorders
    2. Taking about Schizophrenia

E.     Pregnancy and Child Birth

    1. Ready Steady Baby
    2. A guide to routine blood test during pregnancy
    3. A guide to screening test for Spina Bifida and Down's Syndrome
    4. Your guide to new born screening test
    5. A parent's guide to newborn bloodspot screening
    6. Newborn hearing screening
    7. A guide to childhood immunisation for babies up to 13 months
    8. Your guide to screening tests during pregnancy
    9. Preventing Rhesus Disease in your baby
    10. A guide to the routine examination of the newborn
    11. Protect your baby's natural head shape (NHS Scotland)
    12. Reduce the risk of cot death (Department of Health)
    13. BCG and your baby
    14. Taking about postnatal depression
    15. Off to a good start (Breastfeeding)
    16. Breastfeeding and returning to work
    17. Fun First Foods (introducing solid foods)
    18. Ready Steady Toddler

F.  Sexual Health - Men and Women's General Health

    1. Breast Screening
    2. Cervical Screening Test
    3. Keep yourself healthy: A guide to examining your testicles
    4. Longer-lasting contraception leaflet
    5. What do you know about...
      • Chlamydia
      • Genital herpes
      • Genital warts
      • Vaginal health

G.  Stop Smoking

    1. Aspire to stop smoking
    2. How to stop smoking and stay stopped