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We hope some of the following information may help you in using our website. If you have any further queries regarding the website please contact grampian@nhs.net.

For information about using the site with a screen reader, text-only browser or using only the keyboard please visit our Accessibility page.

Find your way around our website

In the middle of our home page there are five coloured boxes named Professionals, Hospitals, Local Services and Clinics, Health Improvement and Vacancies. These are underlined in the image below. You can click on each of these main sections to find out more information.
Alternatively if you can see the information you are looking for listed under the section header, you can click on this to be taken directly to the area you are interested in. For example Aberdeen Royal Infirmary is listed under the hospitals section, so rather than having to select hospitals, then look for Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, you can simply select Aberdeen Royal Infirmary directly.

Once you click into an area, for example, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, the section navigation moves to the left hand side of the page. In the image below you can see that the main section (hospitals) is exapnded with the area you clicked on (Aberdeen Royal Infirmary) highlighted.

As you navigate through the pages of our website you are able to see a history of the pages you have visited in order to get to your current position. This feature is called a 'breadcrumb trail', and allows you to return to any of the sections that are listed in it. An example of the breadcrumb trail is shown in the image below. The breadcrumb trail appears in the purple bar and begins with the words 'You are here'. In the example below the current page is 'In Patient Information', if you wanted to go back to the hospitals section you could do this by clicking 'Hospitals' within the breadcrumb trail.

There are other options available under the NHS Grampian title towards the top of the screen. These are; Home, About NHS Grampian, News & Media, Involving You, Charities & Donations and Comments & Complaints. These options are always available throughout all the different areas of our website.

Along the very top of the screen are options for Low Graphics, Accessibility, Other languages, Site Map, Help and Text Size (see the image below for an example). The Site Map shows how the information on our website is grouped together. This can also be a useful way of finding information on our website.

Towards the bottom of the home page there is information about our campaigns and consultations. At the very bottom (which is known as the footer) there is also our terms and conditions for using / viewing our site and a link to the Freedom of Information section of our site etc. This footer is also always available throughout all of our website. You can look at the bottom of this page as an example.


Towards the top right hand side of the screen there is our Search facility. Enter keywords and press the go button to find what your looking for.

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