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Cocaine - Know the score

Using Cocaine -

  • Increases your risk of heart attack, seizure, fit or stroke
  • With alcohol, increases the risk of damaging your heart, liver and kidneys
  • By snorting, can damage the soft tissue inside your nose
  • Often leads to addiction - the 'come down' reinforces your need to take the drug again
  • Puts your employment at risk
  • Can cause you money problems and strain your relationships

If your drug use is causing you problems please contact:

  • The free healthline on 08085 202030 for advice about local services and support

  • Link opens in new windowwww.drugsaction.co.uk
    Drugs Action is a local based Aberdeen charity.  They provides a range of services to drug users, ex users and their families.

  • Link opens in new windowwww.knowthescore.info
    As Scotland's definitive drugs information gateway, this portal web site provides you with the facts on drugs in Scotland, whether you're a young person, a parent / relative, friend, carer or a community group.