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Workforce Plan 2014

This NHS Grampian Workforce Plan 2014 builds on the comprehensive information provided in the previous Workforce Plan 2013 which uses the 6 Steps Approach to Integrated Workforce Planning. The methodology supports managers to make and implement plans in terms of the size, location, roles and shape of its future workforce.

We have worked in Partnership and understand the advantages of an integrated approach involving staff representatives, Finance staff and the Workforce Directorate. Future work will continue to embed this process across the organisation. Benefits have been derived as much from the process as from the outputs, tools and documents that have been produced. It is now a tool for managers to use continuously as part of our review process with services.

We recognise the implications of the projected population changes within the Grampian region and the need to plan effectively to meet future patient needs. This has already started as we redesign services. Further change will be required over the next few years in terms of the integration of health and social care and the implementation of the Health and Care Framework - the NHS Grampian 20:20 vision. This highlights the importance of planning on a multi professional and multi agency basis to improve the flexibility of the workforce delivering care and giving the public the necessary understanding, ability and support to help them manage their own health.

NHS Grampian recognises the need to support the wider non NHS Grampian workforce (within the local authorities, General Practice, the third sector), as well as communities, carers and the patients themselves in the delivery of health care and well being to the Grampian population.

Overall this Plan demonstrates many changes to ways of working within NHS Grampian with greater emphasis on providing care around empowered communities and making more effective use of highly specialised acute services.

The Workforce Plan is available to read at this link.