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Equality and Diversity: Disability and Age Equality

Disability Equality

NHS Grampian is a leader in disability equality in the health care field in Scotland. Disability work within NHS Grampian is driven forward by the NHS Grampian Disability Discrimination Act Review Group (DDARG). This is a multi-disciplinary group, where the majority of members are disabled people or representatives of disability organisations. There are many different types of disability and the DDARG are careful to consider the full spectrum of needs.

Age Equality

Many types of disability are directly associated with the ageing process. Accordingly, the needs of elderly patients are addressed as an integral part of the work of the NHS Grampian Disability Discrimination Act Review Group (DDARG), as detailed above. The DDARG membership includes representatives from a number of age related organisations.

Within NHS Grampian, measures have been put in place to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006. The legislation made it illegal to discriminate in employment on the grounds of age when:

  • Employing staff

  • Promoting staff

  • Offering staff training opportunities

  • Dismissal of staff