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'Ever Thought About Cutting The Grass' - Cannabis Campaign


Using cannabis? 


How does it affect you?


Physical Health & Wellbeing

  • Adversely affects co-ordination (increased risk of accidents).
  • Lowers inhibitions (increase of risky behaviours).
  • Increased heart-rate (dangerous to those with coronary artery disease and/or high blood pressure).
  • Worsens conditions such as asthma.
  • Increased appetite as side-effect (e.g. 'munchies').
  • Feelings of apathy, lacking energy, motivation and concentration.
  • Smoking cannabis during pregnancy increases risk of premature birth and harm to baby.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Increased feelings of anxiety or paranoia.
  • Linked to mental illness, especially from frequent/heavy use in those pre-disposed to mental illness.
  • There has been an increase in the number of referrals for support due to cannabis and mental health issues across the UK. 
  • The links between cannabis and mental health reflects the availability, popularity of use and increased strength of cannabis (e.g. 'skunk').
  • Smoking cannabis can lead to dependency.

Cannabis & Tobacco

  • Cannabis smoked with tobacco has cumulative effect as both cannabis and tobacco contain carcinogens linked to both respiratory cancers (lung, throat and mouth) and heart and lung damage (redness and swelling of airway tissues).
  • Cannabis contains high concentration of ammonia (linked to cancer) and hydrogen cyanide and nitrogen oxides (linked to heart and lung damage).
  • Increased risk of chronic bronchitis from cannabis (this often appears at an earlier age than for smoking tobacco alone).
  • Cannabis is associated with 'deeper' and longer inhalation, this increases exposure to extreme heat as well as carcinogenic chemicals, also exacerbated in many cases by the absence of a cigarette 'filter'.
  • Cannabis can reinforce and increase the smoking of tobacco products, with cigarettes often acting as a substitute for cannabis when it is unavailable.  The withdrawal symptoms from cannabis are unpleasant and can be similar to those experienced from nicotine.
  • Therefore cannabis use often acts as a barrier to successful smoking cessation.

Useful Contacts - where you can go to find out more

Drugs Action

Link opens in new windowwww.drugsaction.co.uk
Drugs Action is a local based Aberdeen charity.  They provides a range of services to drug users, ex users and their families.

Know The Score

For free confidential drugs information and advice call Know the Score on 0800 587 587 9

Link opens in new windowwww.knowthescore.info As Scotland's definitive drugs information gateway, this portal web site provides you with the facts on drugs in Scotland, whether you're a young person, a parent / relative, friend, carer or a community group.

Turning Point Scotland

Northern Horizons

Link opens in new windowwww.turningpointscotland.com/services/northern_horizons
Northern Horizons offers a free and confidential specialist service for people who live in North Aberdeenshire and whose lives have been affected by drug misuse.

Studio 8

Link opens in new windowwww.turningpointscotland.com/studio_8
Studio 8 offers a direct access service for people 16 years and over, who are affected by their own or another's substance misuse in Moray.

Know Cannabis

Link opens in new windowwww.knowcannabis.org.uk
This website can help you assess your cannabis use, its impact on your life and how to make changes if you want to.

Moray Drug and Alcohol Action Team

Link opens in new windowwww.mdaat.org.uk
This website provides information on drugs and alcohol services in the Moray area. 

Competition - Win a Laptop!

By completing our online survey you will be entered into our draw to win a laptop and £150 of accessories. Visit  Link opens in new windowwww.northsound.co.uk or Link opens in new windowwww.mfr.co.uk to find out more.