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Welcome to NHS News...

Spring 2016 (pdf)

This newsletter is one of the ways in which we try and share information with you about health services and about how to be healthier.  Our focus is very much on the people of Grampian and how you can, and do, influence healthcare in your area.

We want the people of Grampian to see themselves as partners in the delivery of services, rather than just receivers of services.  We want you to have a greater say in the services we deliver, to be better informed about what is happening in Grampian and, most importantly, to receive the best possible care and treatment to meet your needs.

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter, and we would like you to tell us your opinions about the content and if there are any articles you would like to see in future editions.  You can also contact us to receive a copy of NHS News directly into your e-mail inbox.  You can contact us at:

E-mail: nhsg.involve@nhs.net

Tel: 01224 558098

Post: 'Freepost, NHS Grampian' (no stamp required)