The Optometrist

Optometrists used to be called Ophthalmic Opticians.

Optometrists work either within the main hospital eye services or in community practices on the high street.

They can examine you or your childs' eyes to see if glasses will improve vision. If glasses are required they will give you a copy of a prescription after the eye examination. If your child requires glasses a copy of the NHS Voucher will also be necessary if you want to purchase the glasses at another optician.

You can use the prescription to get glasses/lenses from them or at any registered optician you choose.

NHS Repair vouchers can be provided if your child breaks their spectacles. 


NHS Sight tests are free to everyone living in Scotland.

Optometrists in Grampian now provide emergency appointment eye services for anyone who has an eye problem.  If they want you to be seen by the hospital eye service they can refer you to the nearest main hospital eye clinics for further tests if necessary.