Parent and Children/Young People's Groups

If you or your child would like to meet other children who are visually impaired there are groups which can be contacted across Grampian. A selection have been included here but you can ask your local visual impairment worker or vision support teacher for information on any other local groups..   

EYAS GS Young Persons' Project

Grampian Society for the Blind offer advocacy services for young people who are visually impaired and are between the ages of 11 and 25 years'. The aim of this project is to offer advice and information on three specific areas:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Access to Social & Leisure 
You can find out more about the work and activities they have been doing recently by logging onto the website or you can contact: 

Young Persons Advocate/Co-ordinator

Grampian Society for the Blind

21 John Street


AB25 1BT

Tel: 0845 2712345

PEG - (Parent Engagement Group) was created through the NHS Eye Care Project (2008-2010) to get feedback from parents on a number of issues.

Some of the work and discussions have included:

  • A survey on existing eye services for children
  • Developing an Information booklet on eye care for parents/young people
  • A children's conference held in March 2009 to discuss ways to improve services across organisations
  • Promoting organisations to collect vouchers for additional equipment for children within schools in 2010
  • Feedback on developing this website for parents/young people affected by visual impairment
The aim was to have groups within each area of Grampian so parents could speak about any concerns.Parent representatives fedback any issues to local community health groups made up of people from Health, Education, Local Authorities etc.,  This enabled parents to be involved in decisions around their children and future children's eye care services.

Email: for more information

Haggeye Youth Forum is a forum for visually impaired 11 -25 years' and they cover the whole of Scotland. They campaign to make a difference for children both locally and nationally. Their aim is to improve services, facilities and opportunities for children.


Haggeye Youth Forum

RNIB Scotland

12-14 Hillside Crescent



Tel: 0131 652 3146