Managed Clinical Network Team


MCN Clinical Lead:
Dr Alasdair Jamieson

Assistant MCN Clinical Lead:
Dr Ken McHardy

Diabetes Network Manager:
Lorraine Cowie

Diabetes Nurse Manager:
Linda Caie


Pharmacy Representative:
Louise Black

Retinal Screening Service Manager:
Margaret Bruce

Gladys Buchan

Dietetics is represented on the MCN on an annual rotational basis by Specialist Diabetes Dietitians in both Primary and Secondary care across Grampian.  All Diabetes Dietitians meet regularly, as a Clinical Focus Group, to discuss service provision, care guidelines, standardising education packages and MCN issues.  There is usually an educational element of these meetings for continuous professional development and reflective practice.  At present the dietetic representative is Valerie Reid.

Public Health Representative:
Dr Simon Hilton

MCN Clinical Lead:
Dr Alasdair Jamieson

Dr Andy Keen

Andy is a Consultant Health Psychologist who has been involved in diabetes care for about 10 years. He is especially interested in the integration of health psychology in to routine diabetes services. He has a long standing interest in education and training having completed a PhD in medical education at Aberdeen Medical School a number of years ago. His main role is training provision across primary and secondary care. However, he does deliver mindfulness based cognitive therapy courses to people with diabetes, and runs a brief intervention clinic at Woolmanhill. He has been intimately involved in CBT training in Scotland for many years, and sits on the Psychology Working Group of the SDG.

Assistant MCN Clinical Lead:
Dr Ken McHardy

Ken is an Aberdonian who did most of his undergraduate and postgraduate training locally, first working in the Diabetes Clinic in 1981. After a spell of metabolic research at the Rowett Institute, he has worked continuously in the local diabetes service since 1986 and was appointed Consultant General Physician/Diabetologist in 1993. He also has a longstanding interest in education and was appointed Associate Postgraduate Dean in 2002, a part-time post shared with his clinical duties. Ken is the Assistant Clinic Lead on the Diabetes MCN and as the Professional Education Lead on the Diabetes Managed Clinical Network, sits on the national Diabetes Education Advisory Group and has been running an annual diabetes scholarship course for GPs in Grampian since 1999.

Dr Amalia Mayo

Robert O'Donnell, MCN Support Manager

Dr John Olson

Leigh Porter, Diabetes MCN Podiatry Coordinator

Dr Fiona Strachan

Ross Mitchell, MCN Administrator