Adult Dietetic Teams

The Dietetic Team at The Diabetes Centre, Woolmanhill are

Leah McCauley
Aileen McKillop-Smith
Lisa Stephen


There is a Dietitian available at the Diabetes Clinic every morning.  They also provide a service to the Maternity Hospital and the Wards at ARI.  Their role involves individual consultations or group teaching sessions.  They are also involved in the DAFNE courses for patients with Type 1 diabetes.   




Community Dietetics Team


Leanne Gardner - Diabetes Dietitian covering Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire South CHP


Kathryn Bruce - Diabetes Dietitian covering Aberdeen City CHP


Shona Milne - Diabetes Dietitian covering North Aberdeenshire CHP



Moray Dietetics Team

See Dr Gray's Clinic Staff



Paediatric Dietetic Team

See "Children's Services Team"