Aberdeen Art Psychotherapy Department


How to find us...

Royal Cornhill Hospital is well served by bus routes. You can reach us at the Art Psychotherapy Department from Berryden Road by the No. 5,16 & 22 services and from Westburn Road by the No. 12 & 59 services. Pedestrian access is also possible by the door next to the Westburn Road bus stop. Motorists can access the hospital grounds via Berryden Road and Cornhill Road; limited parking is available adjacent to the Art Psychotherapy Department.

Location of Aberdeen Art Psychotherapy Department

Michael Hennessy BA (Hons) Art, Dip AT. SRAsT(A) was appointed the first Head of Art Therapy Services in Scotland. Michael taught in various Art Schools before training as an Art Therapist. "My concern is helping people to use their creativity to solve their problems."


Simon Brown BA (Hons) Fine Art, Dip AT. SRAsT(A) was born in Glasgow and studied at Glasgow School of Art ,later working as a tutor and community artist and FE Lecturer. Simon also worked in various capacities with learning disabled adults and children. "I went on to train in Art Psychotherapy in Edinburgh and have been on the staff of the Art Psychotherapy Department since 1994. I have undergone further training in group analysis and worked for a time in the Psychotherapy Department's Therapeutic Community and have also a special Interest in Art Psychotherapy with people in later life."


Alison Ramm Alison Ramm works at Royal Cornhill Hospital as a locum art psychotherapist with a special interest in forensic care. She has a BA Honours from Reading University in Painting and Printmaking. Through her work as an artist she has developed a strong commitment to the power of art and creativity in promoting mental health. She has worked as an artist on projects in the community, in schools and hospitals with people of all ages. In 2005 she qualified as an art therapist, with an MSc from Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh. She is a visiting lecturer at QMUC and works as an art therapist with primary school children and young people in Tayside.


How do I find out more?

You can contact us at:
Specialist Art Psychotherapy Service,
Garden Villa, Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen, AB25 2ZH
Telephone +44 (0)1224 557407/557339 or you can email Michael Hennessy, Simon Brown and Alison Ramm.

For further information about Art Psychotherapy including a downloadable information pack, visit the following website: British Association of Art Therapists