This website has been designed to be accessible for people with any degree of visual or motor impairment and users of screen readers.  The site has been evaluated using Bobby and by manual checking to ensure all pages are WAI 'A' compliant.  Pages with audio content and navigation for talking browsers have been checked using screen readers like JAWS.

Please click on the links for further information about the accessibility of this site:

Increasing text size
The size of the text can be increased using your web browser options by clicking on 'View' and choosing 'Text Size'.

an image of selecting view and text size from Internet Explorer

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Changing text colour
Change page colours using your web browser by clicking on 'Tools'.  

an image of selecting tools and internet options from Internet Explorer

Choose the 'Accessibility' button when the window opens.

an image of internet options window from Internet Explorer

Then select 'ignore colors' option

an image of accessibility window from Internet Explorer

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External sites
Links to external sites can be identified by this icon ' new window' which indicates the link will open in a new browser.
Recommended settings for screen readers
The recommendation for users of JAWS is to follow the sort order title|text|alt|href.
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