7.3 Contraceptives

This section includes advice for drugs used in contraception, also see the supplementary advice below.

In this section:

7.3.1 Combined hormonal contraceptives
7.3.2 Progestogen-only contraceptives
7.3.3 Spermicidal contraceptives
7.3.4 Contraceptive devices
7.3.5 Emergency contraception

Supplementary advice/links

The Clinical Guidance section on the "The Faculty of Reproductive and Sexual Health Website" http://www.fsrh.org/pages/clinical_guidance.asp provides comprehensive guidance on all aspects of contraception.

UK Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use 2009 (UKMEC) provides criteria which relate to the safety (in terms of direct health risks) of using a contraceptive method with certain medical conditions or using certain drugs.

All methods of contraception can be started at any time of the cycle as long as there has not been unprotected sexual intercourse during that cycle. If contraception is started outwith day 1 to 5 of the cycle (except NuvaRing® which is day 1) the women must abstain or use condoms for seven days and do a pregnancy test after four weeks.
Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) should be offered to all women as there is the lower chance of user related failure.
NHS Grampian provides Family Planning Association patient information leaflets on all methods of contraception. These can be ordered free of charge via Health Information. The 'all methods' leaflet is also available in Polish, Russian, Latvian and Lithuanian.
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