Electronic Grampian Joint Formulary (eGJF)

Welcome to the electronic Grampian Joint Formulary Intranet homepage.  From this page you will be able to find out more information about the eGJF, download update files for VISION and provide feedback on the electronic formulary.

What Is It?

The electronic Grampian Joint Formulary (eGJF) is based on the local joint formulary and has been developed by GPs for GPs.  The eGJF has been developed to work with VISION, and it is hoped that developments will allow it be available for EMIS.

The aim of the electronic formulary is to promote safe and effective prescribing available at the point of prescribing.

Which Drugs?

The eGJF was initially produced by combining two General Practice formularies.  It complies with the web version of the Grampian Joint Formulary but only contains drugs used in everyday General Practice.  It will not contain everyones favourites but tries to offer a  broad range of formulary drugs pertinent to General Practice. 

Why Use It?

  • Because it makes life easier!
  • It is centrally updated.  No need to remember which drugs have been added to, or removed from the formulary.
  •  It is generically based where appropriate.
  • It is disease-based so no need to remember paediatric doses!